Guide to Buying Your First Watch

As newer within the watch world may find it confused to buy his/her first “real” mechanical wristwatch. There are many new concepts, an overwhelming amount of producers and many different clock types. That is why I have written a guide to the first watch in order to help you as a first-time buyer to make the best choice, and will review some of the considerations you should make before investing your hard-earned savings dollars.

What does it cost?

The first one should determine its budget. Mechanical watches start around $3 to $5 000, for the cheapest and ends at tens of millions of the most expensive. You will have a watch from one of the more well-known brands such as. For Omega or Tag Heuer, one should devote about $20,000 as a minimum. You will have a Rolex starting around $40, 000. Watches come in all price ranges and even within individual marks range, there are large price differences. For example, starts at about $20,000 of their Omega Seamaster Diver series and going all the way up to $250,000, for the most expensive Planet Ocean watches. So one can therefore only rarely permanently place an order in one price range. As a thumb rule hangs price and quality together up to about $30 to $40 000. Then you get no more or better features, but craftsmanship and materials cost when we are talking watches.

Cheap Watches

Used or New?

When you first time hear the high prices, it’s easy to be scared and ask themselves whether the mon must be a multi-millionaire to gather on mechanical watches. This myth, however, I can immediately put to rest. The above price examples is nypriser, which has a lot to say. Usually traded second-hand watches for between 10 – 70% of nyprisen, depending on the age, make and condition, of course. So there are big savings to do it, if it is all used, which the vast majority of watch enthusiasts do. Therefore, it is also one of the first things you should decide before you buy a new watch.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both, which you should consider. If you buy a new watch from a reseller, do you get the joy of owning a watch from the beginning and avoids the typical usage tracks that come with a second-hand watch. We are sure that the clock is in working order and the chance of being cheated are almost non-existent. The other side of the coin is that we have to take a big loss if you should decide to sell it one day. It’s generally very few brands that hold their value just roughly.

That is why many choose to look around on the second-hand market, where you can get more for his money, which is the main argument for taking action used. In addition, the Committee is better, because we have access to almost all models from all year groups opposite the shops, there are usually only held by the latest collections. However, you should look for before one puts savings balances with the first and best advertiser. As a beginner, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a good copy and the real thing. It can also be difficult to assess levels and thus the reasonable price.

Therefore, I recommend that you as a first-time buyer deals with one of the dealers who have specialized in the trading of second-hand watches. It is maybe a little bit more expensive than private trade, but you are far more assured as the buyer. You get two-year guarantee, among other things, which you do not have by private trade. The Danish dealers of second-hand watches is generally recommendable. I cannot claim that I have shopped with them all, but I have never heard of some who have been swindled by a reputable dealer. The Danish watch community is relatively small, so Word gets around quickly if a dealer is substandard. If you are in doubt, please feel free to contact me for experience with Danish used dealers.