Luxury Watches Buying Guide

When it comes to luxury, acidic the right place to spend his money! A good watch will last for many years, some even generations! Here we have collected 6 watches are among our most expensive, for the genuine connoisseur!

Women's Fashionable Dress Watches Rose Gold Bracelet Rhinestones Detailing
Luminox Raptor, men’s watch, 11,199 kr
Unique and feature-filled men’s watch from Luminox, originally intended for employees of the US Air Force, but now you as a private person. The watch is packed with features and made of titanium, so despite of relatively large considering it less than many other watches, since titanium is both lighter and stronger than steel.
TW Steel CEO Tech, Ladies watch, 6.899 kr.
Popular and beautiful ladies watch from the mighty TW Steel. With as much as 44 mm., Is the very bank of the feminine standard and therefore very youthful and trendy. The watch is Quartz battery.
Guess XXL, men’s watch, 6,999 kr.
Chic men’s watch in a allblack version with orange details of the clock face, which in the most beautiful way breaks the otherwise very dark design. The clock is ceramic black and has black bracelet. The clockwork is Schweizist Quartz clockwork the pane of sapphire crystal.
Nixon Magnacon, men’s watch, 6749 kr.
Dark and masculine watch from Nixon that if someone is known to think “outside the box” and never be afraid to challenge the idea of ​​what is normal. The watch has a chronograph (stopwatch) and date display.

Women's Fashionable Dress Watches Rose Gold Bracelet Rhinestones Detailing
Junkers Hugo, watch, 6,299 kr.
Advanced watch in satin stainless steel with black dial, power reserve indicator and strap in genuine black leather. Good old-fashioned class and style combined with the highest quality materials and a deserved reference to Junkers Group’s innovative founder. Watch case in satin-finish stainless steel, and the strap in genuine black leather.
Seiko Premier watch, 6.399 kr.
This watch is made of a classic design from the finest materials. An absolute high-end model from Seiko with the latest kinetic energy (charging of arm movement). This means that you should never change the battery, simply use the clock. The glass is of the sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant.

Trendy Watches Reviews

Have you ever thought that your watch can be a cool statement necklace? Statement jewelry is known, to create awareness and publicity, but it also helps to tell the world who you are. Not for large bangles or necklaces, which are typically worn as statement jewelery, why do not you start by looking at your watch! The clock is thus the perfect statement piece of jewelry, and here are some examples.

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Esprit ladies watch for 949, – The wide watch with silver chain, is a very feminine watch, and on the right arm will see the sophisticated out! The watch looks with his little case also very expensive and exclusieve out, making it suitable for many occasions.

Skagen ladies watch 1,299, – This very simple black ladies watch can certainly act as a statement piece of jewelry. Are you
not the type to the large silver and gold watches available on the market, this type of clock surely you! It emphasizes your simple style and also suit for many occasions.
Nixon Camden unisex to 2,999, – This luksoriøse watch from Nixon can be worn by both men and women. Watch is very beautiful and will fit perfectly into a black single set of clothes, and as the clock will really take much attention needed other jewelry rarely.
Bulova ladies watch for 2399, – The simple clock may well be your statement clock! This beautiful Bulova watch especially perfect for those who do not want to watch must overpower your outfit, while the clock can easily stand alone, despite the very simple look.

Stylish Lovers Waterproof Sports 2-in-1 LED Digital Watches