When Creativity Dictates The Time

Pointers, hours, minutes and seconds and a small opening in the dial for the date. These are the basic requirements for a watch to present time. That’s where a lot of people wrong. Pushing our creativity and design, international watch shops are in constant search for new ways to report the hours of fun to your client. To do this, for example, use indicators in the form of Octopus tentacles, create a display with great similarity to the lunar surface and even develop a nano artwork for a small opening in the box with the piece. The WatchTime Brazil made a selection of 15 models that suit a variety of tastes and, anyway, do not cease to be special. Check out:

Romain Jerome Moon Dust Roswell Tourbillon

For those in love by the Moon, the Moon Dust Rosweel will have to be the main clock of your collection. That’s because, to create this chronograph the Romain Jerome added lunar dust between the displaymaterials. References with the conquest of the terrestrial satellite did not stop there. The 46 mm diameter carbon fiber dial and steel are made with parts of the Apollo 11 aircraft. For this collector is still possible to choose from a range of wristbands: rubber, leather or made with part of the space suit used on International Space Station (ISS), in carbon fiber.

Jaquet Droz The Bird Repeater

Made entirely of handmade mode, all the details were carved and painted in harmony with the dial in mother-of-Pearl trims. Besides the aesthetic beauty, the watch also deserves attention in its movement. The caliber production RMA88 own offers power reserve of 48 hours and Minute Repeater. Powered by means of a button the engine causes flappity clock hours and the hours. It is at this time that the real masterpiece of watchmaking appears: the birds start to move as if had announced the birth of a Cub that arises from egg located in the middle of the 18-carat gold box and 47 mm in diameter.

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Brief History of the Citizen Watch Company

In times of smartphones and tablets, watches are no longer a necessity. Because of technological progress, however, its popularity did not diminish.

On the contrary: noble timepieces today are considered essential statement pieces which subtly underscore the personal style of the wearer.

Needless to say, that they will shine of course also with a perfect processing and advanced technology. If you are looking for such a companion for life, then you should take a closer look at the iconic Citizen watches necessarily! Finally, even the Japanese Emperor Yoshihito already vowed on the high-quality models of the renowned tradition. You can find out everything worth knowing about the legendary success label now!


Citizen watches: the world-wide success from Japan

It is the year 1918. The successful jeweler Kamekichi Yamazaki has a dream: he wants to produce watches that are technically up to date and at the same time affordable. With this vision, the ambitious young man founded the Shokosha Watch Research Institute in Tokyo. After the Japanese emperor himself positively commented on the company’s high-quality products, the Citizen Watch co. Ltd. is founded in 1930. Today, the fire is regarded as the world’s largest watch manufacturer.

And more than that: Citizen is also known for a number of technical innovations and enjoys absolute cult status around the world.

So, the brand launched in 1970, for example, the first titanium watch in the world, the legendary X-8. Only six years later, Citizen with the Crystron presents solar cell, the world’s first watch powered by solar cells.

The technology developed for this purpose, the so-called eco-drive, generates energy from another weak light source and makes regular batteries needlessly – a pioneering sustainable for this time mechanism, which is improved by Citizen until today continuously. The successful brand created in addition with the ProMaster Aqualand in 1985 the first timepiece with an electronic depth gauge – on this way the label wins a firm place in the highly competitive segment of sports watches.

Citizen can do even more than the most modern technology to convince – always sleek and elegant designed must-haves for men and women, they are famous for their unmatched robustness. So at the base of a Bay a quartz watch have been found in 1983 in Australia. The crazy thing: The model under water for several years had situated according to investigations, ticked after his salvage cheerfully to himself! Legendary Citizen has made an incredible performance. With a watch this cult brand you get definitely an absolutely reliable companion for life!

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