Swatch to Launch New Smart Watch in Face of Competition from Apple

Swatch confirms that update its line “Swatch Touch” with features focused on physical activity

Last week we informed you of a new rumor stating that Swatch and other famous watch companies would be working with Apple in developing its iWatch. Just one day after the news reached the mainstream media, Swatch is personally responsible for denying the rumors and any collaboration linking them with Apple or your next smart watch.

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Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Health Monitor

Microsoft smart watch could be as incredible as that shown in this new concept

All that you have been following the world news in the News iWatch smartwatch will know that Microsoft is preparing a tough opponent for Apple smart watch. Although not yet know any details about it, we know that it could see the light to fall, just when Apple plans to launch its iWatch to market. Meanwhile, concepts as we bring you today help us imagine how it could be the smartwatch of Microsoft.

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Battery Life of Smart Watches

From one day to a full month of battery life, this is the great change that promises the smartwatch Vector

The next March will be fraught with major announcements in the sector smartwatch, and not just because the MWC is coming, the world’s biggest technology fair, but also because it will take place from March 19 MCH Swiss Exhibition, the annual event focused on the world of horology it seems that this year will also feature the presence of the smartwatch, a product that is already beginning to assume as a logical evolution of the traditional clock.

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uWear Smart Watch Review

This is the uWear: you find the 7 Differences with the Apple Watch

The intellectual property of the big brands has no place in China, quintessential place replicas of Apple products. Obviously, the Apple Watch would not be exempt from the powerful Chinese Photocopying, in fact, here we have already shown some of the most flagrant cases of copying Apple clock . This time, however, we want to show you something that departs from what we conventionally mean by a “Chinese copy”.

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Chinese Smart Watches Review

Should we begin to take seriously the Chinese industry smartwatch? It gives good reasons Mobvoi

There is currently a huge gap in China for premium smartwatch appearance and affordable cost, we, exactly the same philosophy that has propelled brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo but applying it to the market for smart watches. The startup Chinese Mobvoi seems to have realized this and are preparing an interesting place to fill that huge void smartwatch market, the Ticwatch.

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Pebble Smartwatch Limited Edition

Great news for all those who want to gain a pebble, because from today the company has put on sale a new limited edition of its popular smartwatch . If some critics that the device color options were limited and needed a “touch” more fun, the new Pebble will eventually end with this debate. We present the new Pebble “FreshHotFly”.

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Benefits of Owning a Smartwatch

The Surefire 221 WristLight Luminox puts the power of a flashlight on your wrist

Virtually all digital watches incorporate a light that lets you read the time in the dark, but it offers the Luminox 221 Surefire WristLight (hereinafter Luminox) is something completely different. This watch includes a light with a power capable of illuminating a completely dark room, in fact, it has nothing to envy the most professional flashlights. Do you want to know?

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Timex Launches Smartwatch with Qualcomm Technology

Timex and Qualcomm join forces to create an all-terrain smartwatch with 3G connectivity and GPS

Many companies are seeing great potential in the market for smart watches, because although we have not yet very clear the direction that these devices will continue in the future, there are few companies that are betting very strong by this new technology category. Today we not are talking about Samsung, LG and Motorola, but Timex and Qualcomm, a strange couple who has decided to launch its first smartwatch market.

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Samsung Gear Smartwatch 3

Samsung does not want to brake with the emerging smartwatch market, although the company already has no less than five smart watches in less than one year. Although the company dominates this sector with some comfort, not far fromprofitable enough for you to consider a similar commitment in terms of research and development in the smartphone marke.

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The World’s First Real Smartwatch

The prototype of the smartwatch HP design in 1977 can be now purchased for $14,500

Wrist watches have been among us more than one century, although not many of them can boast of having “intelligent” label. The smartwatch or smart watches seem to be a relatively new invention, although nothing is further from the truth, as the news that we bring you today shows us that companies like HP already thought this technology back in 1977 category. Do you want to know one of the first history smartwatch?

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