Ana-Digi Infantry Review

Today I bring a watch Infantry, came as almost all of eBay and I call attention to the aesthetic Breitling type. As I saw it at a good price I pulled the trigger and after the usual wait a month came into my hands. We enumerate above characteristics:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Infantry Ana-Digi

Movement / Caliber:  Chinese Calibre quartz .

Case: Chrome. Background blind threaded  .

Dial: Black with two LCD’s.

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Review Casio G-Shock DW-8600 Fisherman

Does one lot was presented me an opportunity to those who are rarely, including a trade and in a corner less traveled Store was a sideboard with liquidation watches. After taking a look, I saw one that caught my attention, G-shock of those typically see rarely because it is a limited edition, and after a quick consultation on mobile functions having (moon phases, tides and thermometer) said for this price next for home, before continuing I detail its characteristics:


Movement / Caliber: Casio Module 1628 lunar phases, tides, thermometer, chrono, and alarm

Case: transparent resin. Blind – etched titanium

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Review Infantry Handwinding

I present this watch Infantry, I bought not long ago in the grand bazaar that is eBay, where you can find everything at prices many times incredible. This pseudo brand of watches, and I say this because although they try to sell as being a brand with good designs and packaging, no more than just that good front as is basically another Chinese brand of affordable watches (as I like to call me ) cheap or as others would say but this time with a little more careful image but do not be fooled by her lest pagéis more than they are worth, let’s look a little more closely at its features:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Infantry Handwinding

Movement / Caliber:  Chinese Calibre lift  manual.

Case:  Steel PVD. Background blind threaded  .

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Hamilton Khaki King Review

This week I will do the review of the Hamilton Khaki King, watches of this brand are highly regarded by watch enthusiasts as it is a brand with a large catalog and a very good quality offering their products at prices not too high to be Swiss Made. This model has a look pilot that I love, since I notice him I was behind him until I could get my hands on him, besides the look has the distinguishing feature of the date and day at 12. This watch is made quite famous thanks to the actor Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) used to take, at the end of the review I put you some photos. Let’s review its features before continuing:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Hamilton Khaki King

Movement / Caliber:  Valjoux Automatic 2834-2 .  Power reserve 40 hours. Stop seconds and manual lift.

Case:  Brushed steel. Background threaded seen

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Tips to Extend the Life of a Mechanical Watch

I will discuss trick there is to lengthen the life of a mechanical watch, either string or automatic. Everything is for your mechanical watches have a longer and less visits to the watchmaker life. Not a Decalogue because it has 15 tips, but it is always good that know and if you have a moment to dedicate it to read it.

– Never move the needle back to put the clock may damage the mechanism date.

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Review Heinrichssohn DSSD

Today I present a newcomer, the truth is that it is a watch that was in the spotlight and that for some reason or another was delaying its purchase, it is a Heinrichssohn that pays tribute to Deep See. This was one of the brands I mentioned at the entrance to the brands recommended some time ago (link) . A clock in my opinion a quality similar to Weierman, these being slightly ahead of the BaguelSport. Let ‘s review their characteristics:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Heinrichssohn DSSD

Movement / Caliber:  Calibre Dixmont Guangzhou-DG28 or 21600 Seagull ST16 of alternations with 40 hours of booking.

Case:  Steel. Blind background .

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How to Make a Box for Watches 9 €

When watches start to accumulate, have no one to buy a watchmaker, and when full it planteas you buy another and how they are not cheap … I tell you what I did. Having completed my first watchmaker with 10 units, I raised buy another but seeing the big stores we all have in our city, and which I will not say the name to not make them more publicity, it became clear that the price paid was not down in any case of 20 euros, then I saw this idea in a forum watches.

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Parnis 44mm Pilot Review

Today I leave another Parnis watch, in this case of manual loading, which I love, that romanticism to wind it every day is something that fascinates me. As I commented in the last post to acquire those you can find in sites like Manbushijie, Dajiwatch, etc. once again you can find in the post Recommended sites affordable shopping. This model is sold with sterile dial like the one we come to present, either labeled or Garton Parnis that often brands that tend to market these watches. They are watches with a clear military inspiration, are so- called pilot watch or fliegers , and is because the pilots of the former fighters of war had such watches with rather large numbers and this type of arrangement on the dial. These are the features:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Parnis 44mm Pilot

Movement / Caliber:  Calibre manual load alternations 21600 Seagull ST3620 with 40 hours of booking.

Case:  Steel. Seen background.

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Review Parnis GMT-MASTER II

For the weekend reviewing a clock Parnis I bring these watches are made ​​in China and are often mostly  Homages  other models. They are usually sold through sites like Manbushijie, Dajiwatch, etc you have them in the post  Recommended sites affordable shopping. In this case , I bought me is a special version created in the HdR forum to which Zulu, which is simply a version customized dial for the forum was called but the materials are the same as those now can buy, and that they are of sufficient quality for the price we are paying. Let’s see your pincipales features before continuing with him:


Movement / Caliber:  Calibre 21600 Seagull ST16 alternations with 40 hours of booking.

Case:  Steel. Blind background . Ceramic bezel.

Dial:  Black dial with needle 24h.

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