How to Use Feng Shui to Clock

Although some believe that the display of clocks in a house is bad feng shui, it is perfectly fine to get the clocks in the house until you are aware of how best to use the clocks in Feng Shui. These tips should help you decide how to use the clocks in Feng Shui to get good people into your home. Continue reading  

Winner Automatic Casablanca Watch Review

This new review is a clock and takes a few months for home and still had not presented on the blog for a while was looking for a watch square, or rather rectangular type and when I saw this model immediately caught my attention. It is clearly inspired by Franck Muller Casablanca but without being a fake, because as many Chinese brands, the Winner is dedicated to models inspired watches out top with more or less success. Of course it is a low – end watch, its price and we indicated but to give trot a season is enough, let ‘s review its features before continuing:

MAKE AND MODEL:  Winner Automatic Casablanca

Movement / Caliber:  Automatic Chinese manual – winding Calibre supporting.

Case:  Chrome. Seen background .

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Westerstrand Wall Clock

Although we are all several times each day reading the time from the time we perceive the concept of when we ‘transform’ the timer to show our own ‘internal’ clock.

Time is usually expressed using the pointer on a circular scale with minute and timtecken or displayed as numbers of hours, minutes and seconds.

We refer to these two principles as analog and digital time display. What principle should one opt for an out?

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Daytona Alpha Watch Review

I present a clock which perhaps many will have already heard, and if you have not done it now I put in background. The Alpha brand comes from Asian lands and dedicated to making tributes from many of the best selling watches industry. Usually of proper quality, and although they are more expensive than low – cost watches that we have discussed on other occasions, are high – end watches such. Many times the models sold are parts that are still on sale with its original brand, but other times, they are watches and untraceable and mythical in watchmaking history in this case the Daytona Paul Newman. To not bore you with the history of the clock, for those who want to know more of it I leave you two interesting links to hodinkee and rolexblog where they talk at length about this famous model. Before commenting on what appeared to me as I had in my hands, let all its features:

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How to Make a Wooden Clock Face

Through techniques “DIY” You can turn almost any object in the clock – for example, a piece of wood. The end result can not but awaken in you associations with children’s books and movies telling about forest animals and houses in nature, covered with moss and furniture from tree branches. The project is easy to implement and does not require a lot of money.

That’s what you need:

• a small wooden disc cut cross from tree stump with bark

• pencil

• scissors or mock knife

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Parnis 6498 Watches Review

A couple of years (go how time) did the review to a watch very similar to this, unless the other was with a black dial and Pilot style, this is the opposite, white dial and sleeker. Let’s see another Parnis watch manual loading, although it makes sense to buy this kind of watches websites like Manbushijie, Dajiwatch (we talked about in the post  Recommended sites affordable shopping) I this time saw the model on eBay and auction format and performed a puja as always I usually do in these cases the most willing to pay and I miss her and curiously this bid the win so after the usual wait a month came this issue of Asian lands. These are the features:

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Megir 2011 Chronograph Watch Review

It not long ago began to see through the usual channels of internet a new brand of watches called Megir. They have many models to choose from their catalog, the majority of quartz chronometers. For as soon as I saw a good price in a web of trust (although in Aliexpress there is a seller with less than one dollar rebate, these types of websites give less confidence because they do not accept Paypal as payment), I rushed for two of them that I present today and another model in a couple of days will show. We enumerate above characteristics:
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Make Your Own Clock Printable

For all the variety of goods in the stores sometimes you want to do something with their hands, as things in the style of handmade favorably with those of consumer clock made very simple, as long as you still have the mechanism.

Watch the Hoop

Take an old clockwork, carefully remove the arrows and bolts them. In this stage it is important to remember the sequence of their principles for installation. Color scheme of the interior suitable dense keep the hoop, pending further cutting. Those places where the numbers must be suitable for the size of sewing buttons and contrasting fabric color. The cardboard or wood cut / saw outside the circle that matches the diameter of recruiting obrach. In middle of the dial is made small hole on the back of which a clock tree or a thick piece of cardboard attached so that the shooter was fixing himself in the center of the dial get original hours wall can also be hung on a beautiful satin ribbon after fixing the dial only to attach the hand.

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Zuanshi SM1A Diamond-K Watch Review

Lately he has given me to buy vintage on eBay, you can buy fairly priced and are watches with history behind it . In addition to the HMT that I introduced not long ago, my latest purchases have been Chinese watches vintage and today it has been the first to arrive, I have a couple more on the way about which I’ll put them in due time. The special thing about this model is nothing more than the caliber that carries within it because the caliber SM1A-K for ten years was awarded as the best Chinese caliber wristwatch, almost nothing !. The truth is that it is not an achievement as a certification COSC but hey has merit. I copy and paste the information:

Another great success for esta enterprise was the introduction in 1969 of the SM1A wristwatch, again designated or Zuanshi Diamond. This watch featured a slightly oversized unusually large movement With balance wheel and mainspring. , Although simple design, it was capable of impressive accuracy. In 1972, in line With industry trends, the SM1A was upgraded from a 18000 to a 21600 bph bph escapement. By the time production Ceased in the mid-1980s, the SM1A HAD Been Awarded China‘s Best Wristwatch 10 times! 

After this portion of history we summarize the main features:

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