Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity (Fitness & Sleep Tracker) Review

Runtastic Orbit allow you to monitor our daily activities, exercise and sleep

Wearables are fashionable and are well aware that companies like Runtastic, one of the most famous applications for iPhone if we keep a complete track our daily exercise. Now, the company wants to go beyond the App Store with the launch of Orbit , his first quantifier wearable for those sports fans who want to have complete control of your daily activity.

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Multi-Platform Smartwatches

The smartwatch in which Microsoft works also include advanced sensors and would be multiplatform

It is expected that Apple redefined the world of promising iWatch smartwatch with having between stove and do not yet know any details in particular. The closest the company and various mainstream media sources have indicated that Apple watch include sensors capable of analyzing different parameters important to monitor our health and our exercise and exceptional design as we are accustomed apple.

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Android Wear Smartwatch Comparison

Let’s face the first 3 Android Wear smartwatch to incorporate Who will win?

The first smartwatch with Android Wear are already available on the market and some more will arrive in the coming months, and that both Google and major technology companies are focusing much of their efforts to gain a foothold in this emerging market that is the smart watches. For now, Google has already made available to them a good weapon to get it, Android Wear, so now is see what they can do.

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Smartwatch Virtual Keyboard

Minuum is the first virtual keyboard for smartwatch showing how uncomfortable that can get to be try to write

There are things that are not made for certain products, and write certainly is not for the smartwatch. The small screen that incorporate this type of devices it makes it virtually impossible that we can write “viable” way without having to edit and rewrite our phrase dozens of times. However, there are still developers who believe that it is possible and result of this endeavour is born Minuum, the first virtual keyboard for watches smart.

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New Moto 360 Leaked

The new pictures leaked the Moto 360 seem to belie the latest rumors about its design and construction

All those who are eagerly awaiting the release of promising Moto 360 can breathe a little easier, because a new filtered catches the Motorola smartwatch show that its design is still as spectacular as imagined . As you recall, a few days ago we echoed a rumor indicating that the quality of construction and final design of the Moto 360 might not be as spectacular as we all thought.

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Samsung Gear Live Charger Problem

Several users report that the connector for charging the Samsung Gear Live is broken very easily

Android Wear has been a breath of fresh air all for developers, who now see the possibility to sell and promote a different way your applications. However, it is not gold that glitters, because the first -time hardware that is accompanying Android Wear seems is not up to the new Google platform and as shown by the numerous failures that are having these smartwatch.

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Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Price

One of the most anticipated of the year smartwatch could also be the most expensive: $ 450

This year promises to be full of surprises in the field of smartwatch, a new technology category that aims to become a new trend in the coming years. If there are two devices that are raising great expectations these are undoubtedly the Moto 360 and iWatch Apple. The latter do not know any specific details at the moment, but Motorola clock and we have seen its fantastic design on several occasions.

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Adidas Micoach Fit Smart Band Activity Tracker

Micoach Fit Smart is the most serious of Adidas in the market for wearables incursion and this is what gives us

The market for wearables will gradually nurturing of new and interesting devices, including the trend seems to have established target a large part of its functions to fitness and exercise. Yes, a wearable devices can offer much more than that, but there is no doubt that a fundamental part of an apparatus that will be much of the time in contact with our body is tell us something about it.

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Pebble Activity Monitoring Device

Misfit and Pebble reach a partnership agreement materializing in an app to monitor activity

Pebble was one of the first devices in the category of brand new smartwatch or smart watches. The peculiar square watch that has conquered many users began as a project in Quickstarter, which managed to raise a figure that neither their created have imagined in the best of their dreams. Some months later, the Pebble was launched and today already has a large user base behind to bring new and exciting content.

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Motorola Moto 360 Android Smartwatch Review

The designer David Pascual the prize with a functional, elegant and minimalist design takes What do you think?

The Moto 360 is one of the most promising smartwatch expected for this year and Motorola is well aware of it. Taking advantage of the great expectations he has raised his next device, the company decided to organize a design competition in which encouraged artists to create concepts on the appearance that might have the screen Moto 360. In addition, to promote a large participation, prize of the competition was the gift of an early Moto 360.

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