Will.i.am Smartwatch Appears Tomorrow

After a long wait, many demands on our part and all four months delay, the rapper Will.i.am will tomorrow present its first Smartwatch. This will the Telegraph have experienced.

Will.i.am was first Smartwatch in April of this year in the English TV show Alan Carr: chatty man (we have embedded below the related video you) shown for the first time. At that time, the musicians praised the integration of social networks and standalone functions of the watch. The clock, with which you can make a call should be presented at the time in July. Since then, fans were waiting on the watch of a member of the “Black eyed peas”, whose research was completely out of his pocket. Continue reading  

Block: The Modular Smartwatch

The year 2013 big hyped project “Phonebloks” seems to also influence the Smartwatch industry. “Phonebloks” is about a Smartphone that can assemble themselves like a construction kit suitable to his needs. Block, already on behalf of is a recognizable, describes the same principle in relation to Smartwatches.

When blocks are the individual modules in the bracelet. The elements are interconnected with plug-ins and can be changed flexibly. The whole thing is beautifully depicted in the above video. These plug-ins are very versatile, as it is clear on the website. The creators show here for example rectangular and round displays, fingerprint modules, or NFC elements. The elements can be equipped also with different colors, to match his watch even more. Continue reading