Kairos T-band: the Perfect Mix of Classic and Smartwatch

Kairos already pointed several times to. The manufacturer of interesting Smartwatchcombinations like this to your attention. Now follows the next project that turns your analog watch a Smartwatch.

T-band called the creation. The Smartwatch is, as the name already reveals, strong hanging with the band together. But to what extent? The band is the Smartwatch. The idea behind T-band is relatively simple. It already has a watch, but it has the desire after a Smartwatch. To the already existing clock not to abandon, she remains. The only thing that is exchanged is the belt with the watch on your wrist is attached. Continue reading  

Smartwatch Market 2015: Our Expectations Are

After 2014 may be regarded the Smartwatch industry in many ways as the explanatory statement year, these will be 2015 really rolling. We don’t want to miss the opportunity to give you a chronological view of the Smartwatch year in which summarize not only the previous rumors, we will bring our own expectations by 2015.

January: CES in Las Vegas

Already in a few days, the biggest highlight of the year in the area of the Smartwatches awaits us: the “Consumer Electronics Show” is the probably the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics. In contrast to many other fairs, such as for example the IFA in Berlin, the CES for normal visitors is not open, so that only invited guests can experience live the latest innovations of technology manufacturers. Continue reading  

Hyundai: Smartwatch Car Remote Control

After some car manufacturers, including BMW, concerned with controlling the vehicle through suitable Smartwatch-apps, even Hyundai is entering this market.

As the South Korean manufacturer in a release noted, it is planned an app for Android Wear, which connects to the car via the Internet. Prerequisite for this is a car that supports in-house BlueLink technology. To make an inquiry about the app on your wrist, the clock radio to related Smartphone. That contacting Internet about the vehicle, which then executes the given command. Continue reading  

Activite pop: Withings Unveils New “Smartwatch”

Withings has caused in the past already with the Withings Activite for turmoil. Now the French company is presenting its latest creation: the Activité pop.

Before a few moments, Withings of the public at CES presented a new variation of the Withings activite: the Activite pop. The new generation differs significantly from its predecessor, but it is available in new colors and costs much less. Continue reading  

Study: the Design of Smartwatches Is German

The design of smart wristwatches in comparison to other aspects of buying is relative according to a new study by Accenture, conducted mid-December among German consumers.

The results of the study, which exclusively are the World, show some answers, which you had not expected so with safety. According to this “Good design” would have responded to the question “What would look especially when buying Wearables?” with German only every 10. This recorded data security and ease of use are much more important in contrast. Continue reading  

New Omate Smartwatches: Rather Stylish or Sporty?

The Omate X was just the beginning. Now has the New York-born manufacturer two successor 2015 presented at the CES and thus responds to the growing market and the growing choice of Smartwatches.

The Omate Roma (left) is something for carriers on fashion-oriented rather. Linked with a leather strap, the round aluminium Smartwatch looks classy.

Another target group (right) represent the Omate racer. It turned more to the sports segment in and sold as a fitness-wearable. Continue reading  

Fenix 3, EPIX & VivoActive: Garmin Conjures Three Smartwatches out of the Hat

With three new Smartwatches wants to win the attention of the CES coverage for Garmin and it gets competition of Omate, Withings, and Alcatel. The three new hot Fenix 3, EPIX and VivoActive.

With the Fenix 3, Garmin uses the outdoor area and holds a very slim watch with all the necessary fitness functions. Heart sensors, GPS and a convenient carry make together with the wide range of other sensors to a sporting goods with latest hardware the Smartwatch. Garmin provides equal with all apps. Compared to its predecessor, the display was improved and made more readable. A program called LiveTrack allows sharing of data in real time with friends. The Fenix 3 costs about $500, making it a real heavyweight. Continue reading  

Not in Germany: Fitbit Surge Smartwatch Enters the Shipping

… but not in Germany. Fitbit has the Fitbit surge presented the first Smartwatch from the House. Otherwise, the startup has only Fitnesstracker in its product portfolio. In October of last year had Fitbit which device is now presented, it’s off to shipping.

On the German side of the product, the 250 euro-expensive product is advertised still “Coming soon”. The Fitbit surge has – of course – a lot of fitness functions. Because the developer has built-in GPS, the sports watch can deal with altitude and speeds. Also motion and position sensors, and a heart rate monitors are on board. Continue reading