Cheap GPS Watch for Runners

While all are staring to new phones “apple” company, we will differentiate this from the mainstream and show a real opinion about another technology, a little more healthy and useful. It’s about GPS Watches of the TomTom, which we wrote about earlier this year. Then the finished article with anticipation of new product … is now an accepted fact.

And we trust the opinion of Brent Rose of Fitmodo, who has used the clock for several days.

In summary, the product is a watch with built-in GPS and accelerometer that can be used by the runners as well as outdoor, and a treadmill. It is suitable for people who want to carry their smart phones and for people who lose a lot. Oh, we forgot to include people who want detailed information about your Races.

Usage: According to Brent most interactions with the “GPS watch” are intuitive according to, or at least can be found quickly after fumbling quickly.

Want to run? Press the right button and choose from options to track or trail. Then wait connection with the satellites and you’re done. While you wait you can adjust basic information display – distance tours, time or calories burned. During the running total distance and time are always displayed at the top of the screen.

The clock also keeps a history of your last five races. In order not to lose them transfer them via USB or Bluetooth on your home computer. There you can view extended statistics achieved.

And did we mention that it can set targets? And when the clock reaches notifies you with vibration.

The battery on the other hand endured enough time to not unnerve you with daily charge.

However unnerving remains slow connection with the satellites. From the minute in clear weather to more than two in a slightly overcast.

However, at a price of 180 dollars is a pretty good deal.

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