How to Wear a Pocket Watch

In recent years the fashion industry for men has seen him establish itself vintage style as the dominant trend, especially in men’s accessories. Among these we must mention the pocket watch, a real must in the early twentieth century. Pocket watch in fact, although it is not essential now in its functional value, still retains the charm of that’ classical elegance that lends charm to the man who wears it.

At a time when wristwatches or even those of smartphones are the masters, wear a pocket watch is certainly a way to stand out from the crowd. Usually it equipped with a chain and with the dial protected by the cover, the pocket watch can not simply be inserted into his jacket pocket and vest by men who decide to take advantage of the elegance, but it should be taken wisely. So here’s why we provide you with some simple tips on how to wear a pocket watch.

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1 The best way to wear pocket watches

2 The pocket watch is already buying “full”?

3 The watch-chain pocket

4 Types of chains for pocket watch

5 How to fix the pocket watch

6 How to clean his pocket watch and keep it in good condition

7 The clock maintenance pocket

The Best Way to Wear Pocket Watches

First advice: this type of watches you will sew him curious glances being an accessory as fascinating as unusual, at least for modern times. For this reason, avoid to pull it out of his pocket all the time for not also seem overly proud or conceited, and avoid too flashy watches. Often it is not the object the important element, but the style in which it is worn. Also in this case, therefore, know carry with style, it is absolutely critical. The pocket watch is extracted from the pocket nonchalantly, throwing a look quiet and not too showy, and then store it again and with due slow in the pocket. We know, do not we all wear habitually, for this reason, when we decide to do that, we will be doing ourselves is to appear natural, normal. Force the clock extraction with the clear intention to do so will be noted too, probably obnoxious. Times have changed and we have to take this into account. In the review of the past it must be done with style and, moreover, a true Gentleman will never appear too large, opulent, flashy. Wear a man’s pocket watch Ideally, the pocket watch should be worn on the vest, with a three-piece suit so that “break” the same colors of the jacket on the vest. However, as discussed below, it may represent a particular accessory to wear even without a jacket or even no vest, then attacking the clock on a jeans.

The Pocket Watch Is Already Buying “Full”?

Not really. Many of us have the good fortune to have inherited an antique piece, from the grandfather or, why not, a good friend. If it is not already, turn it into pocket watch is a good solution to give it more importance, emphasizing especially the sentimental value that can have for us. Otherwise, if it is not an antique piece, we opt for a simple but elegant model, sober style, perhaps with a short incisions that tales of you, of your style or un’aforisma to which you are particularly fond of watch modern pocket watch man style pocket.That said, going back to a more “classic” as their own “label” these watches should be worn inside the pocket of a jacket or a vest, and if this will be our intent, you will need to purchase a chain of hang a clock hand, the other wore the head (maybe a button to buttonhole) so it does not slip away.

The Watch-Chain Pocket

Many pocket watches have not supplied a chain, so this must often purchased separately. In this case obviously it goes Great care to its color, of course, must be in perfect harmony with the clock (gold with gold, silver with silver and so on).

Attention also to the strength of the chain which must be able to hold the watch but also not be too heavy, to avoid bending the slot to which the fixed. At time of purchase always choose a long enough chain to allow the clock to be placed comfortably in the desired pocket.

Types of Chains for Pocket Watch

You know the Albert Chains ? Prince Albert was usually wear silver chains attached to a vertical slot created specifically on his vest. In fact he dictated this style earning the merit of this nomenclature. To these he was matched his pocket watch in such a way as to be always visible. A classic style, of course, but at the same time important that only few are able to explain in a simple and elegant way.

These set out above represent the variation Double Albert Chains or double chain that uses both the vest pockets (or trouser revisiting this style in a more modern). However, there is also the single version, called Single Albert Chain attached to a buttonhole of the vest: in these photos you will notice a pendant combined with the chain and the watch pocket. Certainly gives a more classic touch and important but it is not essential that sought a more sober style. Should wear an outfit three classical pieces, the choice of the pendant can also fall back on something more eye-catching, in other cases I will sconsiglieremmo.

How to Fix the Pocket Watch

The most common solution is certainly that of the T-bar, perfect to wear the pocket watch, fixing the slot of the vest. It is a simple bar that remain hidden behind the vest, however, allowing you to firmly attach the clock without the risk of losing it.

Another solution is that of the carabiner, certainly less classical and more modern. Well if you want to wear the watch with jeans, then combining the casual to old style, pocket watch chain with clips. As you can see, the carabiner is perfect to stick to one of the belt loops, but nothing prevents you to be able to always stick to the slot of a vest.

The latter solution could be that of a chain with ring whose use will be similar to that of the T-bar, with the only difference that will not be hidden behind the vest, but more in view, chain with ring for pocket watch.It is not however excluded the possibility of attack also to one of the belt loops.

How to Clean the Pocket Watch And Keep It in Good Condition

The pocket watch should be cleaned with a metal polish and a soft dry cloth, suede or microfiber in order to remove the parts blackened and marked by time and neglect, especially if you have not bought a new watch but you received a gift as a family heirloom. Remove carefully and gently dirt from the incisions and you will have a clean pocket watch but with vintage charm intact.

If the watch has an engraving, do not forget to clean it, so will remove the accumulated dirt over time, and the clock’s appearance will change dramatically. If you wear it every day, clean it two or three times a week do not forget to regularly clean the internal parts with a dry cloth.

The Clock Maintenance Pocket

It may happen that the clock will dull or worse, you blacken slightly. Use a metal polish suitable for every two to three months. Applied also a drop of the product and proceed with the package carefully.

If the watch is blackened, try to avoid products that require immersion in liquid. You would end up with the risk of damaging the watch by a loosening of internal parts.

The pocket watch is loaded every day. In fact this type of accessory has a duration of about 26-30 hours after loading, with newer models that last up to 46 hours, so carichiamolo every morning before wearing the watch in order not to stop ritrovarcelo.

And you gentlemen already use a pocket watch? How do you prefer to wear it? In any case, remember what was said in the first paragraph of this article, whatever your style, the watchwords are ease and naturalness. Pull out the clock too often or, worse, fiddling with his chain, it will certainly not appear natural. We wear whatever you like, but let’s do it with more style.

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