Types of Watches

When a man wears a real watch, it’s never trivial. It is the result of a long hesitation. If you don’t know how to make your choice, follow this guide to find the perfect watch.

It is well known, the favorite accessory for a man is none other than his watch. Big or small, sporty or luxury, there are many varieties of watches. Find the one that suits you best then turns into a real headache. But don’t worry the writing gives you some tips for more make mistake when you choose your watch.

Mechanical or quartz?

First of all, pay attention to the size. If you have a thin wrist, prefer smaller watches and vice versa. To choose, check that the attachment of the bracelet, called Horn, does not exceed your wrist.

There are two types of watches: the quartz and mechanical. The first work with batteries and mainly equip sports watches, according to Centralledwatch. The seconds are divided into two categories: the manual and the automatic. The manual must be lifts every day unlike the automatic. If these are less stringent, they are thicker and therefore less upscale than the others.

A watch for a style

If you are athletic, prefer resistant and waterproof with a steel bracelet watches like the Watch Festina multifunction (€99) available from Louis Pion. On the contrary, if you wear a chic and classic style, opt for the Watch Louis pawn Antoine (€229). His black leather strap and dial steel give a style simple and effective. Connoisseurs will appreciate this mechanical watch.

For a casual or casual look, prefer the Watch Fossil Grant (€119). This time-consuming watch will adapt to any outfit thanks to his brown leather, its dial steel bracelet and especially its Roman numeral display.

Gentlemen, make more mistake and choose your watch according to your style.

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