Wall Clock for Children’s Room

Most children have any favourite character they like. For example, to find Charlie 5 years on Batman. We will now make a unique wall clock to Donald who all his friends will be jealous of…
To make this wall clock, you need the following:
-A poster, plansh or picture of Kalle’s idol.
-Plywood sheet, which becomes the Foundation for the watch
-Clock movements and hands.
-Wood glue (Alternatively, it works with plain hobbylim)

Tools needed…
-Jig saw
-Abrasive paper
-Drilling machine

Here’s how you do to make a vintage wall clock.

  1. Find a subject that you know that your child likes.In our example we have used an image from a plansh with Batman’s emblem.
  2. Buy a plywood sheet that has a thickness of about 6 mm. Wood plays no role.
  3. buy a clockwork and fitting lamps ().Clockwork and needles are available in different models and different thicknesses on the disc. Visit www.internetages.com and search for the word “vintage wall clock”, and you will find some cheap options to choose from.
  4. use a wood or hobbylim, and glue them on the plywood Board.Now let it dry according to anvisningarr on its packaging.30 minutes should be enough.
  5. Drill a hole through the newly glued together (now dry) the disk where you want the center of the watch should be.Check carefully the drill that is suitable for your particular watch.
  6. Now is the time to use figursågen (a lövsåg which has the fine teeth on the saw blade) and cut out your subject where it fits best.In our case, it was the choice of sawing easy since the Batmans emblem is an oval that is easy to follow.Saw carefully so that no splinters rips apart the gummed to the subject. Sand with fine sandpaper around the edges.
  7. Assemble the movement by inserting it in the hole, on the back of the watch face.Then attach the movement on the front with the snap ring that came with the package.
  8. Press the h lamps on the front and your clock is ready.

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