Wall Clock New Design


Liven up a wall in the home with a new design.

The clock is easy to assemble, and the figures are 1.5 cm. thick and black.
The figures are put on the wall with glue.

Further description

With today’s deal you can adorn your living room with a large, beautiful and stylish wall clock that you can customize your home – just as you like Does your living room for some new, or is there a white wall in your home, which right now happens too little? So today’s quote for a black, stylish wall clock is just for you! Wall clocks with movable figures have become quite popular in Danish homes, and now you have all the opportunity to create your own. With today’s deal you’ll get: a wall clock with loose black numbers that gives you the unique opportunity to make it trendy wall clock that you think best suits your home and your style. The wall clock is easy to custom, and the figures are 1.5 cm. thick and black. They are put on the wall with adhesive to avoid damaging the wall AND can move the clock, if you suddenly think it should look different. Buy the day’s specials and get started with designing your new clock – which wall should have the honor of some new design? Max 400 for sale in total.

Additional Information

You will receive your voucher immediately after payment Remember to redeem your voucher  – Redeem here redemption period is later than March 17, 2013 You need no further action after purchase delivery time is three weeks When the package is shipped you will receive a letter from Post Denmark stating that your package is ready to be picked up at the nearest post office. If the post office is unsure of the address and therefore must return the package, you pay even the postage for additional broadcast product can be sent to addresses in Denmark (excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands) If you regret your purchase when the product is delivered, just leave it to download the package. The product is then sent back to the supplier at no additional charge You can read more about the terms and conditions Questions regarding. product delivery, returns, complaints, etc. addressed to Gold Master Ltd. You buy a voucher for the product. The order carried out by Gold Master ApSHillerødgade 4København Copenhagen

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