Winner Brand Watches Review

After many vicissitudes you I can present this watch, I bought before the summer and after waiting two months the package never arrived, made the claim and after much seasick I got that I would have to send another which is what you can see. A watch that like many of his brothers Winner has a clear inspiration in a super Swiss sales, in this case Tag Heuer. At first I thought not buy it as not just me going through the eyes but the great deal they had in the web (50% off) made me rush up to him, because no automatic watches are every day less $ 9. If you are attentive to this web typically put discounted watches every day between 20, 40 or even 50% discount so you just have to be patient and that you fit the model offered that day. To continue the review see its main technical characteristics:

Front view of watch

MAKE AND MODEL:  Winner A012

Movement / Caliber:  Automatic Chinese manual – winding Calibre supporting.

Case:  Chrome. Seen background .

Dial:  Black dial.

– Diameter:  44mm diameter without crown
– Thickness:  12mm
– Weight: 64g

Crystal:  Mineral
Calendar:  Yes, at 12.
Resistance:  No

Strap / s:  imitation leather belt

Presentation:  –

Accessories:  No

– Warranty:  –
– Date of purchase:  June 2015
PRICE:  $ 8.93

NOTES: Winner are with Soki and some other brand mechanical watches less quality that can be found in Chinese websites, this LED watch for kids as the vast majority has the chrome box, although in his defense I will say that I have not liked any imperfection in it . The caliber worked well, except that it had little reserve estimate that no more than 24 hours, something I’m lately noting that pecan many Chinese watches. This does not know if it can be because the rotor does not have enough weight to load the barrel due to poor materials used, but is not the first time I see that it suffers from the same, because it uses possibility of manual lift with give it a few turns of rope minimize the problem. The dial has applied indexes, but in their eagerness to resemble the honoree model causes two setbacks on the dial, the first to the subdomains of 3 and 9 show the date as the window 12 so we can lead to confusion and the other is that it has two second hands the central large and one on a subdial at 6 and also will not rhythmic, two curiosities are not serious faults but is rarely seen. As for the belt is 22mm with white stitching and a rather poor quality, but nevertheless the ardillon closure is best watch, good quality and stainless steel strange to see him in a watch of this kind, he alone is worth almost as much as I paid for the full watch.


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