Wrist Watch Dictionary

One does not have to know everything about watches, but if you like so much it is worth to know the most important thing, especially when functions, complications and terms are concerned.

For this reason,  we took on the task to introduce a brief dictionary where we meet those terms that you may hear often, but not necessarily end up comprehend. Notes and become a master of precision.


The alarm function belongs to extra features most appreciated: when the pointer reaches the appointed time, a small hammer hits the floor of the box. Much smarter than Smartphone notifications for your next meeting.


The perpetual calendars, almost always to the year 2100, do not need manual corrections. One so you know how long the months under normal and leap years. An extremely thin curious art of watchmaking.


It is a mechanical function by which a pointer starts, stops and returns to zero with one button. A “flyback” can start again without the intermediate step and a “Rattrapante” can stop several counts.


The equation shows the difference between mean solar time and true (when the Sun is at the zenith). Watches with this mechanism have two timers or split timers.


Time runs one hour every 15 degrees of longitude. Watches with this mechanism show two or more time zones. Perfect for businessmen and travelers defined by this watch glossary of terms.

 Minute Repeater 

One who prefers to listen rather than look at the time, can receive it through a ring. There are several types, the quarter hour, eighth hour, five minutes and extravagant minute repeater.


The creation of the tourbillon dates back to 1795 and was the work of Abraham-Louis Breguet. His goal was to make more accurate timekeeping through the influence of gravity on the clock machinery. For this purpose, Breguet mounted and exhaust rocker mechanism so that every minute rotated on its own axis. This served to minimize imprecision that caused the imbalance and not deleted, the hanging position of the oscillating system. If the mechanism was ahead in the first half of the minute in the second half he returned to its original value.

From 1986 , the tourbillon no longer unique. The computer lets you create finished with tourbillons doll series, in which the “spiral” tour on a cut of the cover. The consequences were not only positive: the traditionalists, they were joined by watch brands which obtained the tourbillon caliber through suppliers who sold it for a lot of money. The price range is among the hundreds of euros by Chinese mechanisms to six figures. By the way: Only a few tourbillons are long – term, more accurate than normal watches with certified chronometer.


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