Fitbit Surge: Fitbit Plans Own Smartwatch

Ahead of two days we reported on Apple of plan, Fitbitdevices from the hotel’s own stores to ban, to make room for the Apple Watch. The development and the increasing encouragement to Smartwatches also seems to be Fitbit is not passed.

According to our site Fitbit is planning in the coming weeks to publish one including three new Fitnesstracker: the Fitbit surge. So called the device in marketing material, which has forwarded an anonymous source on the verge. According to this, the watch to measure the pulse and make available during sports live data. They say more about the distance, the current speed, climbed altitude and another then. The clock also has a GPS chip, with which you will be able to record his past route. Continue reading  

Microsoft Smartwatch: FCC Approval and Patent Images

Before a few days ago reported about a possible start of the Microsoft-Smartwatch in the next few weeks. Now there is new information.

Microsoft Smartwatch approved by FCC

The clock of the Redmond company has passed the test of the FCC, the US regulatory authority. So the FCC has put together the appropriate reports and reports on their website. Thus the “mobile wireless device” to have only a wireless connection: Bluetooth LE. The most widely used standard for Smartwatches on the market. The model number 1619 is thus already quite possibly the first wearable from Redmond. Also becomes clear in the reports that the clock in three sizes available will be. For further information as small, medium and large there is no this however. Continue reading  

Premiere: Smartwatch Gear Live for the First Time at Our Site

Now she have to pay for the veterans on the Smartwatch market and still the gear live is one of the most advanced watches of its kind. The clock from the House of Samsung was the first, which therefore came with Android Wear factory.

And long it lasted until the Smartwatch now at Amazon for purchase is available. But this monopoly in the world’s largest shipping dealers is almost outrageously exploited. For excessive 503 euros, the seller offers seriously to purchase the smart clock. For shipping and sales is the United States direct shop responsible. For comparison, Google play pays her Only 200 euro for the device. Continue reading  

Pebble Smartwatch 2: Release Q1 2015 – Evolution Rather Than Revolution

Evolution, not a revolution, but with some revolutionary element.

The colleagues from TechRadar spoke with Myriam Joire, the former spokesperson of Pebble, and could elicit her although no details, but at least circumstantial evidence about the upcoming Pebble clock.

In their usual PR language Joire announced a release of Pebble Smartwatch 2 in early 2015. We assume strong by the CES in January, where all regularity new technology highlights see the light of day.

It remains to be seen but if the Pebble 2 is a highlight. Much Joire did not reveal, but Continue reading  

Google’s Plans? Android Wear-Smartwatches for iPhone

Google and Apple are enemies. It’s clear. But now is Google internally apparently via the connection from Android wear thinking.

Jeff Chang, his character product manager at Google, said in an interview with the Huffington Post UK to spread and further wear to plans, Android . Addressed a compatibility with iOS, he replied: “we always want that as many users as possible can enjoy our products. So more people can use Android wear, we are very interested to make that possible.” In the same breath he draws attention however that such a project has also its technical limits. It was not impossible however. Continue reading  

Raffle: win Moto 360 on the our site!

In Germany, the Moto 360 can be bought already – albeit with long delivery times -. At a price of 249 euro, the customer gets a Smartwatch with a circular 1.56 inch screen. The clock software-opts for Android Wear, can boast but also their own accents by Motorola. There are separate apps of Lenovo subsidiary and customized Watchfaces. To which to bring Moto 360 up and running, you need an Android Smartphone with version 4.3 or higher. Google has set up a check for it specifically. Continue reading  

MB Chronowing: HP Smartwatch with Seven Days of Battery Life

MB Chronowing is the new masterpiece by HP. The Smartwatch clearly puts its focus on design, fashion and fashion. She speaks with her metal-look, the “ring – the-ring principle” and the strong appearance of only men.

Michael Bastian is responsible for design and crucial for the functionality of the clock. While the clock waived excess features such as telephony, camera, microphone, GPS, or a colour display.

The monochrome display without touch with a diameter of 44 mm is clearly the focus. On this, you can obviously read the time and control messages, emails, sports scores, stock quotes and the music player of your Smartphone. There is a small ring, in which the time is hidden in the dial itself. In addition, it is also waterproof. Continue reading Smartwatch in the First Review

Mid-October pulse was the first Smartwatch of the singer and his brand + presented with Now were the colleagues of the American tech blog our site thanks to one official launch provided test device for the first time the opportunity to write an independent report on the clock.

Immature concept

The tech blogger leaving to be no good hair on the smart clock. You criticize, among other things, that the watch on the wrist seem very clunky and offer no comfort. The bracelet could replace even, because it had been paying. Continue reading  

Moto 360: We’re Giving away the Round Smartwatch

Only until November 23, our current profit game goes a little reminder, therefore here.

We are giving away the Moto 360! The Smartwatch with a round 1.5 inch display software-opts for Android Wear, can boast but also their own accents by Motorola. To which to bring Moto 360 up and running, you need an Android Smartphone with version 4.3 or higher. Google has set up a check for it specifically. Continue reading