ASUS VivoWatch: First Smartwatch for Windowsphone

Some weeks ago we report every now and again the ASUS ZenWatch of 2nd generation. So the ASUS Chief announced, one plane a week-long battery life for the next generation of the clock. Winsource is noticed, now official papers of the USPTO, reveal the name and some functions of the watch should be surfaced.

We call them time namely: VivoWatch. That is to say the next generation of ZenWatch. The name fits ever in any case in the name range of the Taiwanese manufacturer, which has been already the VivoTab and the VivoPC out. Another interesting detail is noticed to us in our research: looking for the term “Asus VivoWatch” on Google, you can see that the name is listed already, together with the ZenWatch in the support section by ASUS as a category. The image below provides the evidence to do so. Continue reading  

Official: Swatch Smartwatch Comes in the Spring

Swatch, the most famous watchmaker from Switzerland, will bring his first Smartwatch into the market within a few months – Motley colors and with features that could convince.

The Web portal the next Web a spokesman for the group told that round-the-clock data already in the next “two to three months” and thus will be released due to the release of the highly acclaimed Apple Watch . The company not to be seems exactly sure. Continue reading  

AGENT Smartwatch: The History of Fraud?

Connoisseurs know it: the Pebble Smartwatch saw 2012 as a Kickstarter project the light of the Earth. Almost 69,000 people support it at the time and so $10 million were taken. A year later, Pebble was then in free sale. By this success, the developers behind AGENT wanted to have apparently something off. The history of fraud?

Let’s start from the beginning: the team behind AGENT launched its own approximately a year after the Crowdfunding campaign of Pebble and proudly presented the AGENT Smartwatch. With her, it should be possible to check the weather on the way, to receive notifications when the forgetting of the phone, or to control the music on the phone. Should, because still nothing happened until today. To the target you continued at that time 100,000 US dollars which were also quickly generated. Mid-June 2013, the result had then: 5.685 people paid about $ 1 million to take part in the Smartwatch revolution. But until now has not yet fulfill this wish. Continue reading  

Smartwatch Concept: Classic Design Combined with the Technology of Today

Designer Andrei Moldovan a Smartwatch presents us concept, in which he his idea a classic clock has combined with all technical features of a modern Smartwatch.

The design of each clock and also any Smartwatch is always a matter of taste. The design departments of companies probably work day and night on new concepts, but you can never satisfy the taste of each customer. While the a Smartwatch is round and resembles more of a “normal” watch, other smart watches are angular and shine with a more futuristic design. Continue reading  

Pebble: New Smartwatch Opts for Voice Control and Control Buttons

Pebble is apparently CEO Eric Migicovsky still not entirely satisfied with the current Pebble wearables, because in the future he wants to make some changes in the concept.

Just the Smartwatch is really running market and gaining ride and importance. Many manufacturers filing at this stage still of concepts and ideas, other companies, such as Apple or HTC, are not represented, but soon join. Until we users can allow a judgment, we must test once the various concepts and see which we like best. Eric Migicovsky, CEO of the manufacturer of Pebble, is a step further and suggests that Pebble could embark on a new path. Continue reading  

Larding with the Smartwatch

That Smartwatches not only outside have advantages of exams, everyone knows now. Cell phones are prohibited to avoid spiking attempts already for several years in the examination rooms, but the Smartwatch industry gives new possibilities the fraud.

First of all: This article is in no way a guide or suggestion to the peek with the help of smart watches. He treats only the topic! Continue reading  

ASUS: 2 Smartwatches – 2 Operating Systems

As focus Taiwan currently reported the next ASUS- on that should not be Smartwatch Android Wear .

Alleged ASUS several weeks ago yet, to work on a one-week battery life for the next Smartwatch. As they were going to achieve this goal, the Taipeher but not betrayed. However, a new operating system, one of the key should be according to focus Taiwan.

The new operating system should be therefore very battery-saving and currently use the Android occupy wear. New chips to continue the small clock battery. The more efficient MediaTek chips, which are currently in development, will form the heart of the Smartwatch. Continue reading  

Apple Watch: Functions of the Smartwatch Had to Be Deleted

As our site reports that Apple had to delete some fitness functions from the concept of the Apple Watch, because this would have become too complex and expensive.

That Apple is much has made in his first Smartwatch, probably no doubt. One would as always bring a unique product on the market, which is one step ahead of the competition. Many analysts or others with expertise prophesy a very rosy future and very good sales of the smart watch from Cupertino. As the Wall Street Journal in a recent report reveals that Apple has made himself even more could ultimately be used to. Continue reading  

Numbers: Smartwatch Boom and Apple Watch-Making

For the afternoon, we would provide you a little with new numbers. Some refer to the production quantity of Apple Watch to the release, the others consider the Smartwatch market in General.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is waiting for us in about 2 months, the production is probably already running, since the Wall Street Journal with more accurate numbers to her register. The magazine wants to have found out that Apple have ordered 5 million copies of the clock to the release. Half is to make good the Apple Watch sports here, the normal watch comes with approximately 1 from third. Continue reading  

Neptune Duo: Reversed Smartwatch Systems

Smartwatches are nowadays usually small additions to Smartphones. Neptune turns the tables with his new duo.

Granted, the idea behind the Neptune duo is still a little strange, but can be explained quite simply. The Smartwatch is the central hub, the hub for everything. A 3 G & LTE, WI-FI & NFC modules, but also Bluetooth GPS chips, all of which are controlled by the processor that is also located in the hub are integrated herein. Continue reading