Android Wear – Google’s Operating System For The Wrist

Android wear 2.0: An overview of all functions
13 June 2016 in General, operating systems, Google Android, Smartwatch, wearables | Caspar Hohrenk
Android wear is an operating system from Google, which was speciallydeveloped for use on Smartwatches.
Android wear is used on many so-called Smartwatches. The computer clocks are offered by manufacturers such as Huawei, LG, Motorola andASUS. Android wear is the currently most widely used operating system for Smartwatches. In addition to the creation of Google, there are similarly watches with an own OS from Samsung and Apple. The South Korean manufacturer Samsung opts for the in-house Tizen for his watches. Meanwhile the producer at his new ideas in the field of wearables except to its own eco system compatibility; the Samsung gear fit 2 already – addressed – as the name especially to athletes, can be addressedwith all popular Android smartphones. Apple’s Smartwatch with the good catchy name Apple Watch works only with iPhones. Continue reading  

Comment: Smartwatch? No thanks!

It really does not look bad, the new clock from Apple. Watch, called simply, or Apple Watch – to be exact. And perhaps it is this name that makes it really special: reduced to the essentials. The name should say: “We have reinvented the watch, theonly true!” Beautiful and well, you can bind actually the Apple Watch around the arm – but: it’s really still a watch? Continue reading  

A Smartwatch Is Blocks According To The Modular Principle

For each function an own device? A startup from the UK wants to make conclusion and put all features in a modular bracelet. Inspiration gets “Blocks” in Google.
The developers had the idea for the Smartwatch “Blocks” after the launch of Google’s “Project Ara”. This project started in the Group’s at Motorola’s Smartphone Division. ARA aims to build that user on the basis of modules can adapt to their needs a mobile phone. So, about battery, memory and processors are interchangeable. The first ARA model should be available by early 2015 for $ 50.
For techies and adventurer Continue reading  

Neptune Suite: Smartwatch As Smartphone Of The Future

The future belongs to the wrist! It emerged even before the official launch of the Apple Watch. The Neptune Suite goes a step further and shows that in the future ofSmartwatches more of smartphones are no extension, but revolves around the relationship. However, there is a big hole, but the step might still leading the way.
A Smartwatch which has no Smartphone, would be big news more at the latest since the Samsung gear Skeine. The Neptune suite is the Smartwatch but the centralelement of a small ecosystem. The Smartphone and the Tablet are just stupid displays that show what Computes the brain. To join is still an HDMI dongle, which makes almost every screen to the playback device for the wearable, keyboard and headphones, the batteries at the same time by two of the other devices charges. Continue reading