And Pebble Time It Attained: More Than 20 Million Dollars for Funding

Today ran out of time for the Kickstarter’s Pebble Time, the new smartwatch color surprising everyone. A few seconds they managed to overcome the requested funds, and its path was such that looked like they were going to beat all the records. Maybe we weren’t going bad aim: Pebble Time has managed to more than 20 million dollars in its funding on Kickstarter during the month that has been active. Continue reading  

The Launch of The Apple Watch Makes The Pebble Sales Time Is Doubled

On Monday we are witnessing a major Apple event in which among other things we many more details Apple Watch, smart clock company. And Interestingly this release has had a spectacular side effect… in a rival.

And you had nothing more and nothing less than the time Pebble, the new smart watches of Pebble which arose a few days ago and which have already become the all-time most successful Kickstarter project. Anyone would think that presentation at Big Apple Watch subtract interest to the Time Pebble, but just the opposite has happened. Continue reading  

He Started Behind Apple in The Aesthetics of The Smartwatch?

Apple has starred in technology news of the week with its Apple Watch, the launch of its own smart clock that wants to compete with the main bets from other manufacturers who are already on the market. But would they must look like the smartwaches traditional mechanical clocks to achieve success, at least in this first batch? Do you have a site in the world of design and fashion? We have talked with experts of the sector, which discussed us his impressions regarding this. Continue reading  

Apple Watch Is Now Available in China… in The Form of Cheap Clones, of Course

The presentation of the Apple Watch last Monday allowed us to learn about this proposal of the Cupertino to position itself as an absolute reference in that increasingly popular segment of smart watches. The device will not reach the market officially until April 24, but in China the counterfeiters already have been advanced to Apple. Continue reading