TomTom Began a Solo Adventure with Your New Sport Watches

The love between TomTom and Nike that was reflected in the SportWatch clock has finished. At least this is what we can deduce with the presentation of two new models by manufacturer of GPS equipment and where the signature sports has nothing to say.

The TomTom Runner and TomTom Multi-Sport they are two new watches with GPS, each of them with a defined usage profile. The first focuses on the brokers outdoor and tape (include more sensors for inside), while the second is more multidisciplinary, especially with the swimmers and cyclists. Continue reading  

Forerunner 405, GPS Watch

If it weren’t for acronyms GPS well visible, no one would say that this watch of the above image is a GPS. It is the new Garmin Forerunner 405, that has greatly improved the design of its previous model, the Forerunner 305.

This watch Forerunner 405, designed for athletes but that we can live in day to day, gives us speed, distance, location and data related to the heart. This Garmin watch It has also succumbed to the tactile and the metallic sphere options available as menu activated by touching them with your fingers. Continue reading  

Then The Clock Is Connected That It Aims to Tell You How Much You Are Stressed

Most of the connected clocks rotate under the same concept: offer us a notification Center with what is happening on our phone. Some include additional work but we can say that the common denominator of all is to send short messages with announcements of all kinds. Today we speak of one of them, but with a somewhat different concept. Continue reading  

Pyxis RGPS – 3000, Clock with GPS for Golfers

Not is if it will play with the Wii much this summer but I am enthusiast enough golf. In addition, to be in Murcia, see golf courses every few kilometers is a fact, especially if we take the coast road.

If I finally decide to take the step, although I prefer to play paddle tennis, I could do me with one of the clocks for players and golfers that has brought the Korean company WatchGPS. Continue reading  

The LG Watch Urbane LTE Is Definitely Your Smartwatch ‘Premium’ Both in Finishes as in Price

Normal Smartwatches and other premium. Of the latter there are not many, But if we find. Is Apple Watch a device from those of luxury? The edition of course, and I understand that the Sport is more or less in that definition. And in the competition? Certainly the majority are more or less affordable models,… except one: the recently presented LG Watch urbane LTE, one of the few who do not opt for Android Wear and when we tested it already saw how wanted to go a step further in what aesthetic concerns. Continue reading  

Huawei Watch 2, Goodbye to The Style to Give Way to Sportsmanship and a Battery That Will Last Several Days

Huawei, one of the manufacturers of more powerful mobile devices on the market today, entered the world of 2015 smart watches with Huawei Watch. This watch gambled on the style, the design classic and somewhat luxury. Today, Huawei has presented the Huawei Watch 2, a renewal of their way of seeing the smart watch, a renewal that commitment more physical activity than by fashion. Continue reading  

Defend The Smartwatches as a Christmas Gift Is Increasingly Difficult

It seemed that 2016 would be the year of the definitive consecration of smart watches, But what we have done is to attend a unique sales fall and a worrying lack of news in the field of Android Wear based devices.

Apple has revamped its smart watch, but that has not prevented that the role of the smartwatches is more than debatable after all this time in the market. The rise and fall of Pebble could be unequivocal symptom that give a smart watch may not be a good idea. Continue reading  

Google and LG Released Altogether Android Wear 2.0 with New Smartwatches: LG Watch Sport and Style

The rumor mill is met once again in the hands of Evan Blass and as said in Xataka Android approximately a month ago, is today gives to know what’s new in Google in terms of smartwatches. As well, the technology giant launches new version of Android Wear accompanied by two new models that have been designed in conjunction with LG, the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style. Continue reading