The Famous and The Bloggers Have an Expensive Taste: Their Watches Are Worth and a Lot of It!

Adriana Lima with its IWC

I am a freaky, but in all caps. I like the fashion, luxury and look at all kinds of details. By tiny to be. And working for years in a magazine of luxury watches did another thing that obsess me by always look at other dolls. I took it as a game (of the most freaky, I know it): guess what signature He wore each one. Models so expensive that with them one could buy a house or feed half the world. Bright, gold, Platinum and thousand complications that make it a accessory within the reach of very few. Continue reading  

Belts Manufacturers Also Opt for Watches with Android Wear

One of the advantages that we find in Android Wear is personalization, we can change the design of its sphere with its clock displays, and in most of the Android Wear can change easily his belt by a 22 mm standard.

And thanks to the Android Wear committed to the standard 22 mm straps are already several manufacturers of straps that have launched its first belts designed especially for current watches collections. Continue reading  

And So Are The Smartwatches Inside Android Wear: Cutting G Watch and Gear Live

More weight from the Android market makers have already opted for the operating system Android Wear for the next generation of devices, wearables, and in particular, the smartwatches.

LG has already launched G Watch Samsung and its new Gear Live and we want to show you that there are within these small housing thanks to the guys from iFixit. Continue reading  

Pebble Sold 400,000 Watches in 2013, Expected to Double Profits This Year

The future has a lot of wearable, no doubt. Pebble, on the other hand, has much of the present of this. It thus announced in an interview of its CEO, Eric Migicovsky, in an encounter with Fortune magazine.

The figure of 400,000 Pebbles sold last year, leave substantial income and another handful of figures accompanying. Now touch prepare for the onslaught of Android Wear, they will hit the market with force during this 2014. Continue reading  

Victorio & Lucchino for The Man Watches

If the other day I showed the female collection of spectacular watches of Victorio & Lucchino, Today time is for them. And it is that male collection is not far behind, since the Seville couturiers have new proposals.

To dress them in the style of Humphrey Bogart, the designers suggest urban and casual watches. The model V & L Confidential It will not leave indifferent anybody thanks to the colors, design and personality that transmits. Round sphere, it is a designed classic and elegant. Continue reading