Domino Clock: Step by Step

For a cool decor, how about a do it yourself with reuse of a classic game? The Domino clock is fun and the indicators of numbers are stones of the game, which combined, gives the number of each hour.

Separate the materials and see how to create your clock.

Watch Domino: materials required

1 Domino game

1 square of wood or MDF with approximately 25 x 25 cm

1 machine for wall clock


Super Glue

hook or soda can seal


thin nail

Do it yourself!

Take a piece of wood or MDF. If you prefer, sand and paint the color you want to paint. Drill a hole with a drill and drill n° 6 or 8 right in the center of the wood to fit the machine.

Take it apart and snap to the Center. Part twelve Domino stones, so that the sums of the numbers of each stone are equal at the time (a stone worth 1, one worth 2 and so on).

Pass super glue on the back of the Domino stone and paste on wood. To facilitate, begin pasting the stone which is equivalent to 12 and go by turning the pointer to paste in the correct position.

On the back of the watch, if the machine does not have a hook to hang it, nail a little hat or a soda seal with a thin nail, proper for wood. See how to make this step in this Walkthrough here.

Now just put the stack and don’t waste any more time with this watch different!


Domino is just one of the options for creating a fun clock. How about using other materials to keep the time? Beer bottles, cutlery, corkscrews or even vinyl can be a good base for your next clock.

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