Follow the Right Path with These Smart Shoes

We are at that time where everything takes the surname “smart”, so Noting that the product has evolved and you can contribute more than its simple function for which it was created. This is how we already have, smart glasses, watches, cars and even intelligent feeders for cats.

Now, thanks to Ducere Technologies, a startup based in India is as we know the existence of the first smart shoes who indicate us by means of vibration road to follow.

Paving the way

They are named Suckling and they are a pair of athletic shoes that connected via bluetooth to your mobile device synchronized with Google Maps through an application designed for this purpose. The operation is based on vibrations, where arriving at an intersection or junction, the shoe either left or right will issue a warning in the form of vibration to indicate the path to be followed. It will only be necessary to trace the path and ready, there is no need of watching the mobile every moment to get to know the way.

But what if we don’t want to buy shoes? There is the possibility of acquiring only the templates, that incorporate the system and that they are compatible with the majority of shoes.

These templates are compatible with devices bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and are driven by a reversible battery of only 8 mm thick waterproof; they possess autonomy, according to its makers, 3 days in constant use, or up to 10 days at rest and are easily removable and rechargeable via USB port.

Krispian Lawrence, CEO of Ducere says:

“The shoes are an extension of the human body. You can leave your House without a watch or bracelet, but you will never go without your shoes.”

But this development is not focused only on sport, since there are other possibilities for use, among which are the power to guide tourists indicating the road to sites of interest, but above all the possibilities that would provide people who are blind, because “a cane can help detect obstacles, but not tell them should be avoided by the left or right”, says its creator.

Sneakers or suckling templates are protected by 24 international patents that make them so far a unique product and with aspirations to incorporate new functions. Both products will be available in September at a price of $100 templates and $150 sneakers.

It remains to be seen to be received by consumers, since in the end It is a product that depends on the connection to our mobile and does not work in an independent manner, which would be ideal for this kind of development, since there are areas without connection or simply depends on the autonomy of mobile, which with the location and the bluetooth activated all the time will cause the battery its load considerably.

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