IOS Devices May Also Be Used as Microsoft Smart Displays

A few minutes ago Microsoft presented at E3 (a major world’s fair video game) plans for your Xbox. Among them, is a project that we have full: Smart Glass. Thanks to this technology, any iOS device (or Android or Windows Phone, because it is cross-platform) with the installed app may be used as a “ smart display ” in combination with the console.

In a manner similar to the Apple AirPlay, app Smart Glass can send content to the console to be reproduced on the TV, but no doubt, the novelty is in the opposite direction: use the applications Smart Glass as secondary content receiver When we play a game, or see a movie. For example, at the Microsoft Conference, they have shown while the console was an episode of game of thrones, the Smart Glass tablet indicated the location of the scene on a map of Westeros. It could also show the actor on screen, or even secondary plans or extra information while we watch a movie, for example.

according to Palmyrachic,The other functionality of the application, use it for interactive platform for Xbox games, in principle only can be accessed through the version for Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets. It seems that Microsoft wants to build an interesting ecosystem around your devices, and with news like this not they are doing nothing wrong. App for iOS may also be used as a remote control for the Xbox, and yet its publication date has not been announced in the App Store.

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