Smartwatch with Pulse Sensor

Smart Watch with pedometer function

The pedometer function is a classic of the connected bracelets. As a result, it is not so abused to characterize almost all of the smart watch with pedometer function Smart watch. Pedometer includes a tool to quantify the number of not performed. Simply put, it account every step directed by its user. Taking account of the impact between the efforts made (here materialized by the steps) and melting of the calories, to have a watch with pedometer function is useful for anyone wishing to be able to follow its line or simply stand in a perfect state of form.

According to the aspirations of consumers, more fussy than this valuable indicator, manufacturers are developing connected watch that offer more reliable data. A watch with pedometer function is therefore a smart tools which, thanks to its technical features, ensures a precise and counting every step you make realistic. Worn on the wrist all day long, this type of Smart watch displays on his screen the number of steps taken, whether it’s a climb of stairs or a linear distance.

Shows connected with pedometer function: the mechanics of measurement

A LED smart watch with pedometer function is equipped with an LED mirror. However, for more precise measurements, manufacturers associate with this accelerometer gyroscope which carefully scrutinizes every movement you do, so don’t miss any steps. Integration of an algorithm indeed provides for interpretation of all your gestures and translates them in no. In the same vein, you can make an estimate of the distance you’ve traveled throughout the day.

Furthermore, for this kind of smart watch with pedometer function, it can be integrated a GPS system that will be used for navigation (see our article on the usefulness of GPS for a connected watch). Very practical, this optional feature free you use of your phone to find your way.

Smart Watch with pulse function

For tracking your physical activity further, having a smart watch with pulse function is an excellent idea. This type of Smart watch interest to measure and to provide clinical data of the functioning of the heart. Formerly, theanalysis of cardiac activity features were essentially in Smart watches intended for the practice of sport (designed by manufacturers such as Garmin). Today, builders, to meet the expectations of the public and bringing a more useful, incorporate the pulse function. Apple, DigiCare, Epson or Motorola, several brands to embark on their gadget this handy feature.

Connected to function pulse watches are equipped with a sensor, most often visible on the back. Through the permanent contact with your skin, the health gadget connected you precisely indicates your heart rate, your pulse at rest or in full activity. The interest here is to make sure that you practice the exercises following the right intensity. This allows to achieve its exercise in a healthy way, without asking the body more than it does. The margin of error for the informed data varies according to the manufacturers. Apple Watch and the Motorola Moto 360 are equipped for example with a heart rate monitor that provides reliable information.

The timing of this category of Smart watch with dedicated mobile apps gives you the ability to track the State of your heart in real time, with graphs and statistics. Better yet, manufacturers rely on a consulting approach, aiming to raise awareness on good practices that can help maintain this precious body in the best condition possible. Topics of questions and answers are available from the interface of the app.

The connected watch with pulse function also offer the typical features found in smart bracelets sold on the market: whether it is the monitoring of sleep or control of physical activity, with an indication of the number steps, distance, calories, etc.

The three types of smart watch

Gadget very much in vogue, the Smart watch is on everyone’s lips, and more manufacturers engaged in this sector. If the idea of miniaturization itself seems interesting, often criticized these bracelets connected do not bring major innovations. Supply is always rich in models, but to see closely, the features do not truly evolve. On the market, there are three main families of connected watch whose applications are well defined.

The Smart watch complementary of the smartphone

It’s a Smart watch which as the name suggests can be used with a smartphone. It is associated with the latter using wireless communication technology, Bluetooth. So, you have the ability to access a variety of information and features from your wrist. This type of connected Watch provides you with various notifications : calls, SMS, social networks and many others. It features an built-in speaker and a microphone that allows you to receive calls, but also some in issue. Similarly, you can use the speech recognitionfeature to for example call. Several other options available to you, including through access to a variety of mobile applications. The Samsung Gear 2 and Apple Watch are two complementary smart watch of the smartphone flagship models.

The completely self-contained smart watch

It’s a smart watch that does not need a Smartphone to work. It supports a card SIM 3 G / 4G which allows him to directly access the network. This kind of Smart watch allows you to receive and make calls, regardless of a mobile terminal. In addition, you receive real-time notifications (social networks, events calendar, etc.). You can also get useful data such as the number of steps taken, distance traveled. It followed the sleep and its quality is also possible with this kind of gadget. The Samsung S2 Gear and The LG G Watch Urbane 4 G are some models which can be used independently.

The more ‘classic’ watches to needles

Don’t miss the train of the advent of the connected watch, several traditional watchmakers are introduced in this market. Their models retain a classic, with the presence of a dial to needle (details on the functions of a touchscreen in this article). So at first glance, it is difficult to suspect that he is a smart watch, so the resemblance is striking. Detail past, these models incorporate sensors that support their functions of connected watch. Connected to needles watches are able to offer the same functionality as their counterparts and don’t appear as only difference than their more aesthetic, more elegant design. As such, you will have a wide choice of materials ranging from plastic to steel. The brands offering these types are among other Withings (Withings activity), Nevo (NevoWatch), or watchmakers such as Breitling or Frédérique Constant.

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