Timedots Wall Clock

Now we are approaching the end of the year. A year which for my part was different than I thought at its inception. Time goes by so fast! IH where it can be difficult to keep up with … It is both well with planning, so you get utilized his time well. And also good to look back, so you will be reminded about and remember the time that has passed. I have a habit of during the day, to put the “times” for myself. Not on a stressful way, more a way to share the day up at, so I get the most out of it. For example, before 23:00. your you must be finished with it.. it and it’ll take care of you, so you must keep dat. Kl. coffee break. Vajira intermediate times calls my husband it; is why it really nice with a wall clock, allowing you to easily let his gaze fall and see what time it has beaten.

My new wall clock is from Timedots. A Danish company that both stands for design and production. The clocks will be even hand assembled in Denmark (the kind usually take place in China).

Their Flex time concept is pretty smart when you yourself can design and put together his watch. Using 14 different time marks and 8 different quartz movement.

I’ve always been a fan of the old RAILROAD decorative clocks on Phoenixwallclocks, then went after something like that. Would like to have both dots and lines and a complete circle. My choice fell on 29 c and I’m so happy! Think it’s really nicely in all its graphic simplicity. Nordic and timeless. There is also little Arne Jacobsen over designed, I think.

The whole experience of the product is very accomplished. Great when you can feel that it is a well thought out concept and skilled professionals who are behind. The packaging is nice (I know I am a sucker for delicious wrapping, so it had to be right).

Quality awareness begins at the extraction process. There are all the components neatly wrapped (all 60 “dots” was for instance in each their own little bag!). One can simply sense a respect, frugality and passion for the product.

The concept is very well thought out, so that one will be taken at your fingertips all the way. Is supplied with a mounting template and there is a demo video on the website. You can even experiment with cut out models before–I think that is smart! So you get a sense of the size of the clock in the room and can play with the design. In General, fine comprehensible instructions, also with good graphics.

It is actually quite pleasant to put up because we feel that it is almost even creating Agency. Slowly you can see how the circle is formed.

Although it is so small parts, you sense it’s stuff. Each dot and dash are in stainless steel. Heavy, black and matte. … the same thing with the Timekeeping mechanisms are electrically wound and the ballads.

I’m a little surprised at how nicely I think it is! I was a bit afraid that I would think it would work for clinical. But it is so graphically beautiful and simple that it works a little like a cool poster or picture on the wall.

It falls at least enormously well into our second Nordic interiors. And I am looking forward to putting it up again when we move in our own (the Nice wood chip wallpaper is incidentally a 90s relic on my old ungpigeværelse …), then it will get even more to his right in a larger space in conjunction with furniture. Bat Chair gets the surface of something else 60er atmosphere forward in the Agency’s design, and I can imagine a cozy corner under the clock with the books and ceramics on a small side table.

It is that it is stuck flat to the wall, adds something else to the room. Nevertheless, it has a three-dimensional effect, because the whole feel of the product shines through when it hangs there. Quality can not be denied. And when the design is so nice, it becomes a part of the decoration, even though it is a functional thing.

It’s a bit cozy, having gotten a mechanical analog clock. And it has a tiny little tik tak audio, if one is completely quiet and listen carefully.

If you write agtigtagtigt in the comments box at check out you get a free extra set of adhesive pads with, so you can move it, just like I will. For such a watch as 29 c it has a value of 450kr. offer valid until 1 January.

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