Tizen 3.0 Will Have a New Smartphone

The operating system will not just take off, although it comes pre-installed on Samsung smart watches, and also on their televisions. There is a plan on the table so that it works on devices of the called Internet of things, but the truth is that on smartphones with little to do, given the current state of the market with an Android by stepping on the road surface with hardness. But Samsung does not lose faith in Tizen.

From time to time relating to the Z-series, the line of smartphones from Samsung with Tizen inside hear currently commercialized in Asia and Africa, and which appear to have plans for a landing in Europe that fails to arrive. according to hartselleclothing.com,The latest, a new terminal under construction, a new model that will release new version of the proprietary operating system of Koreans.

A mobile for Tizen 3.0

The latest smartphone with Tizen of which we hear about was the Galaxy Z3 Corporate Edition, the evolution of the Z3 that direct reached Russia and did so with few changes on board. Beyond the Spreadtrum to a 410 Snapdragon processor jump, nothing seemed to change in the interior of this Corporate Edition Z3 addition to include 4 G thanks to Qualcomm chip connectivity.

Will soon be a new Member to the family of Tizen Samsung hand, could it be the Z4 Samsung? We do not know by now. The only information that have of him is having the model SM-Z250F number and that it will be launched in India and possibly other countries. The territories that Samsung already sells its operating system today.

But there is something else, and that something is Bixby. The virtual assistant of Samsung, designed to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 inside to then move through terminals high-end of the manufacturer back in time, it will also be present in this model with Tizen. It seems that Samsung bet by the deep learning and mobile wizards is strong enough, as you extend it to its own operating system.

An operating system that will be, by the way, Tizen 3.0. The third evolution of Tizen beta began to explore brand terminals last summer and landed the final version in September. Version 3.0 is that will arrive in the interior of this new and unknown phone that will receive more publicity of the customary in your system just by the fact of having Bixby.

We are now looking forward to this new Samsung, which internally is knowing as Pride, to reach the market. Not only to see where sold but by the internal configuration which its manufacturer has chosen for him. In previous models, we talked about always ranges middle and low, Upload ready East supposed Samsung Z4? We’ll see.

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