Custom Clocks there Are 39 Products

Silent, design, XXL and made in France, they allow you an interior decoration staggered and that resembles you. these pendulums consist most often of a plexiglass dial and various elements cut out, vinyl or stickers and mirrors. Others are made of metal. Always be on the page and on time:you have not finished watching the needles turn! Continue reading  

An Exceptional E3, Becomes the Apple Watch, Quo Vadis Twitter?

A new weekend begins, and as always among the many options that you can use to enjoy it is to dedicate some further time to read some of the issues that have highlighted this week in the world of technology and everything that surrounds it. As always, we tell, enjoy reading, We hope that these links will convince you. Continue reading  

A Gift that You Never Fail: 15 Fashion Watches

Watches they are like bags, always come well and are never sufficient. If one model sports, another to look daily, night watch… It is an essential complement and with that (almost all) went home with him on our wrist. Minimalist models, the fever of the unisex and grndes with a masculine touch designs, are the latest trends which mark the hour. A gift that you never fail! Continue reading  

Activité Steel: Steel and Quantification Are in the New Watch

The French startup Withings already has his third bracelet device in catalog, following in the footsteps of activité clock and most affordable variant Pop, now comes a new version known as Activité Steel. Again presents the quantification of movements as the main difference between an ordinary clock. Continue reading  

Seiko Resold the Watch of the Lieutenant Ripley in ‘Aliens’

We have one of those products that are famous for appearing in a film, which is also accompanied by a unique design that made it to be striking at the time of presentation, and that still makes it seem different – DeLorean is a good example. We talk about the clock Seiko carrying Sigourney Weaver in Aliens. Continue reading  

BLOCKS Are Ready to Be the First Modular Watch

BLOCKS It lays claim to being the first intelligent and modular clock that goes out to the market, until Google create phones with these characteristics, and before that to any large company has given you for thinking of this possibility. Gonna get thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, with more than $ 1.6 million, something that not many can say the world crowdfunding. Continue reading  

New Apple Watch, All that Is Known So Far

Along with the safe iPhone 7, Apple may tomorrow have the second generation of its advanced clock. This possible new Apple Watch It would respond to the usual idea of the “s” versions of their smartphones, i.e. small improvements hardware with new software, but without excessive changes at the level of design and appearance. Maintain compatibility with the wide range of straps that have formed in recent months seems priority, even though being Apple can expect anything in this regard. Continue reading