Applications are the lifeblood of our phones. Help us to find addresses, to communicate, to be more creative, or to be informed, but there is one in particular that he could take the title to the Swiss army knife of apps, allowing us to automate many tasks to make the most of our devices. We are talking about TWITTERFEED.

TWITTERFEED is the abbreviation of “If this, then that”, i.e., that If one thing happens, there will automatically be another. Those things can go from receiving an email if it will rain to change our wallpaper every time we do a picture. The combinations are endless and today we bring you 17 recipes with TWITTERFEED to make Android a still more intelligent device.

according to,First of all, in order to use these recipes you need * have an account on TWITTERFEED and download the app * on your mobile Android. Also, keep in mind that to make some recipes work, you will need to authorize TWITTERFEED in other services. Here we go.


  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: TWITTERFEED
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Productivity

17 recipes from TWITTERFEED for Android

  • Disables WiFi when you leave home: away from home we do not usually use WiFi, but if we leave it activated, the phone will continue to looking for networks and consuming battery. and with this trick you can avoid it. Simply add your address to the device connect the WiFi connection will be automatically activated when you are at home.
  • And activate it again when you come back: now go for a complementary trick that also serves to save money, but in this case what we save data. With this recipe, your phone will know when you are at home and will activate the WiFi network so that you can navigate at full speed without fear of depleting your rate.
  • You receive a notification if you disconnect the WiFi: We continue with the WiFi connection. I am sure that happened to be on the sofa using mobile and, after an hour watching videos on YouTube, you realize that the WiFi was disabled. Never again with this trick.
  • Change your wallpaper with the best images of Reddit: If you like to take incredible pictures of wallpaper but I find them gives you lazy, this trick is for you.
  • If you prefer, you can also use the photo of the day from NASA
  • …or the selection of 500px
  • Remember to return a missed call: If you receive a call on your mobile and not respond, TWITTERFEED will create a reminder in your calendar so that you not pass answer.
  • Raises the volume to the maximum after a missed call: your cellphone rings but not hear, a classic. With this recipe, the volume will rise to the maximum so that, if they call you again, you hear it loud and clear.
  • Raises the volume to the Max when you call a specific number: We all have a contact stored on a mobile phone who we never want to miss a call. With this recipe, your mobile will rise to the maximum volume when you call that person.
  • Don’t miss any important calls: If you have the phone in silence and someone needs to contact you urgently, it is quite likely that you call several times in a row. This recipe will activate your Android sound when you receive a second call from the same number in a short time.
  • He takes control of all calls: as its name suggests, mobile call register will store all calls that we make or receive, but if that you think little, all your calls with this recipe must be entered in a spreadsheet of Google Drive.
  • And you keep track of your SMS: If you want, you can also have all the SMS in a spreadsheet.
  • Saves all new photos in Dropbox: There are many services that allow to store the new pictures you make with your Android cloud. With this recipe, all the images will be stored automatically in Dropbox.
  • You can also save them in Drive: Drive is another possibility to store photos from your mobile phone. That Yes, if you plan to store many images, both in this service like Dropbox will need to buy storage.
  • It silences your phone at night: the latest versions of Android already have a do not disturb mode and with this recipe from TWITTERFEED you can achieve the same effect, although it consists of two steps.
  • And again to activate the sound in the morning: Obviously, the second step is to reactivate your Android sound at the time you choose to get up in the morning.
  • You receive a notification when we publish new stories in Xataka Android: Finally we have created this recipe so that you can keep abreast of everything we publish in Xataka Android and, incidentally, see how easy that is to create recipes with TWITTERFEED. What are your Favorites?