According to a recent report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Brazil has the third highest burglary rate in Latin America, among 18 countries surveyed, second only to Argentina and Mexico. The recorded rate was 572.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, but it is thought that the numbers are much higher, since many crimes are not usually reported to the police authorities.

7 Tips for Not Having Your Watch Stolen

Crimes not only hurt the economies of countries, but inhibit them from developing further. In this context, watches are among the most stolen and stolen objects because they are items that have a high return power for thieves, being easily sold on the black market or exchanged for drugs and other goods. How about looking at some tips for not having your watch carried away by thieves? Read the following and be warned.

Do not go on the street with your brand watch

If you are going to move by car between some places, there will be less trouble in leaving your watch on the wrist. And often, a simple question about “what time is” can be a let for the thief to observe your brand object and quickly architect a tactic to steal it. Prefer to remove the watch from your wrist and keep it until you complete the ride if you have to do it on foot.

Keep windows and doors closed

Even if you are inside a vehicle, try to leave the doors locked in order to avoid unauthorized outside access to your comfort area. Suspend the windows of the vehicle and keep the air conditioning or ventilation on, so that the cabin does not become muffled, separating well inside the outside of the car.

Avoid passing poorly lit streets

If you need to walk from one point to another in the city and it’s late at night, you prefer paths that are brightened by poles and other street lighting equipment, as well as passing through places where there are cameras. These devices inhibit bandit activity a bit and end up making clear the movements that occur in the place, not to mention that the surveillance system can record the crime and then facilitate the identification of the bad guys.

Do not let the watch show

If it is the case of removing the watch and storing it to cross a fast path on foot in the street, do not place the object in the back pocket or with the bag open. Keep it out of the eyes of the people around you, and put it on your wrist again when you are in the safest place.

Do not put your watch in

For those who travel, putting clocks and other expensive gadgets, such as cell phones and tablets, inside the bags that will be shipped is always a risk. There are numerous reports by travelers who have had their luggage open, even by applying high-protection locks. Thus, you should carry your watch directly on your wrist during your plane trip, or inside your handbag, purse or backpack that you will carry in the passenger compartment inside the plane.

Enter protected places

If you have forgotten to take your watch off your wrist and realize that you are being followed, cross the street and enter as soon as possible in a commercial or residential building, whichever is more accessible and easier to do. Immediately report the incident to the police.

If you have taken all the steps, but unfortunately you have been stolen or stolen, do not despair. Try to stay calm. Go to the nearest police station and provide an Occurrence Bulletin. And remember: in case of assault, never react.