A New LG Watch Urbane Comes with Connectivity for LTE, Android Wear without News

LG Watch Urbane met him barely ten days ago, moment in which the Koreans decided to teach us their appearance, and some of its main specifications. Therefore in such a short time already have evolved the product to a new version: LG Watch Urbane LTE.

The new watch is presented with more changes that we would expect, the first is obvious, and is not anything other than the incorporation of LTE connectivity in a clock. The first time that a smartwatch dares with this type of connectivity, which is also accompanied by support NFC.

In terms of design, a remarkable difference we have in the keypad, while original Urbane is presented with a single button, the model LTE we see that there are up to three on the side. They tell us that the upper button opens the information related to battery, brightness, and other important parameters, while the lower button is navigation and takes you back to the operating system.

An alternative to Android Wear

Aside from hardware innovations, the most striking point is found in the absence of Android Wear as an operating system, which is precisely which uses original Urbane. Strange change, especially if we take into account that does not tell us what the alternative.

Some might think of webOS, as it is the case of the prototype that we were taught with Audi, but some media have contacted LG to know that that is not the option. It seems that LG would be developing a new platform, which logically remains compatible with phones Android (version 4.4 onwards).

The OS is webOS, confirmed

Payments with clock

The inclusion of the support NFC It is not trivial, as is the case with Apple Watch, it will be used to make payments with the device. LG has not given more details regarding this, but invites us to think about payment by contact, without that the phone is in operation.

More battery

On technical specifications, the LG Watch Urbane LTE has a battery of 700mAh, that is 1.7 times larger than that of a LG G Watch R, or the original Urbane model (both have a 410 mAh unit).

In its interior there are sensors of all kinds, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, atmospheric pressure, heart rate, even GPS. More interesting is we find that the RAM memory is folded up to 1GB, While the storage remains in 4GB.

There seems to be changes on your screen P-Oled 1.3 inches, with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, not in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (can offer LTE).

The luxurious LG watch we are going to see at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, as a first model with connectivity for LTE in see the light. We remind you that Samsung put on the market last summer a S Gear, with connectivity 3G, mobile self-employed.

The original model, with a single button

We hope to see demonstrations of calls VoLTE without the need for a phone at your side. It will also introduce a system of communication style”walkie-talkie”. Over which we have no information is about prices or actual date of availability, will obviously be more expensive than the first Urbane.