For each function an own device? A startup from the UK wants to make conclusion and put all features in a modular bracelet. Inspiration gets “Blocks” in Google.
The developers had the idea for the Smartwatch “Blocks” after the launch of Google’s “Project Ara”. This project started in the Group’s at Motorola’s Smartphone Division. ARA aims to build that user on the basis of modules can adapt to their needs a mobile phone. So, about battery, memory and processors are interchangeable. The first ARA model should be available by early 2015 for $ 50.
For techies and adventurer
Now, a similar concept track “Blocks”. With the clock, user can assemble the wearable device that they really need. In the case of block, the individual modules are links of the bracelet, which can be exchanged freely. The individual elements include the display, GPS, heart rate monitor, blood value and temperature gauge, SIM card and microphone. Also, producers for the block watch build your own apps. In addition to productivity and sports applications including Twitter should be represented.
For the clock makers need to buy a new version every year, modules such as processor, camera and display can be updated. While the modules are freely selectable, block three basic combinations for the Smartwatch suggests: “Sports”, “Adventure” and “Techie”.
As Google’s “Project Ara”, “Blocks” is still in development phase. The company behind it was founded in November 2013. The founders claim, already a working prototype built. For the first draft of “Block” had the first modules of a 3D printer. First tests running on the Android operating system. Planned launch is mid-2015. How much it will cost the clock, is not yet known.