The French startup Withings already has his third bracelet device in catalog, following in the footsteps of activité clock and most affordable variant Pop, now comes a new version known as Activité Steel. Again presents the quantification of movements as the main difference between an ordinary clock.

And that is what you want to appear, a watch, no screens or intelligent interior systems. Actually in operation, there are no differences with the two models that we know, and comes to be right in the Middle, by price, 170 euros.

The smaller dial shows the accumulated daily activity, it resets every midnight

The reason that raise the price on the Pop model is obvious – by name and photos-, in Activité Steel have one stainless steel case, how we could find in the first model appeared on the market, but with a finish of a lower level, to not reach 390 euros asking for it.

The other big difference is the silicone strap in this Steel model, the same as in the Activité Pop, and only available in black. Incidentally, the clock is water resistant, We can submerge up to 30 meters, and it is able to automatically detect that we are in “swimming”mode.

How we get there details inside? Then through a mobile application – Android and iOS – called Withings Health Mate, the communication is done via Bluetooth. A curiosity if we associated with the mobile is automatically changing you time to watch if we changed time zone.

It is more than anything else, therefore also has positive attributes as the autonomy. The French firm ensures that we can have it eight months in operation without changing batteries batteries.

It is available only through its web site, where you can buy now for 170 euros, but orders will not begin until the November 19. We think it is priced fair enough for its exquisite design and quality, but we must also be clear far reaches, has little to do with a smartwatch.

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