Addyston, Ohio Demographics

By | August 8, 2023

Addyston is a small village located in Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. With a population of around 1,100 people, Addyston is a close-knit community that offers a peaceful and welcoming environment for its residents. The village is situated along the Ohio River, providing beautiful river views and access to recreational activities.

Addyston has a relatively diverse population, with residents of various ethnicities and backgrounds. According to transporthint, the racial makeup of the village is predominantly White, accounting for around 93% of the population. The remaining 7% is made up of individuals from different racial and ethnic groups, including African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American.

The village has a balanced gender distribution, with males and females making up nearly equal proportions of the population. This gender parity contributes to a well-rounded community and fosters a sense of inclusivity and equality among residents.

Addyston has a median age of around 40 years, indicating a mix of both younger and older individuals. This demographic composition creates a diverse range of perspectives and experiences within the community. The village is home to families, young professionals, and retirees, creating a vibrant and intergenerational atmosphere.

In terms of education, Addyston has a relatively high rate of high school graduation, with around 87% of residents having completed their high school education or higher. This highlights the importance of education within the community and indicates a commitment to lifelong learning and personal development.

The village of Addyston has a predominantly middle-class population, with a median household income of around $50,000. The cost of living in Addyston is generally affordable, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without excessive financial burdens. The village has a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses, providing a range of choices to suit different preferences and budgets.

Addyston is primarily a residential community, with a small number of locally owned businesses and establishments. Many residents commute to nearby cities such as Cincinnati for work, which offers a wider range of employment opportunities and amenities. However, the village also has a few local businesses, including restaurants, shops, and service providers, that cater to the needs of the community.

Community engagement and involvement are important aspects of life in Addyston. The village hosts various events and activities throughout the year, bringing residents together and fostering a strong sense of community spirit. These include festivals, parades, and recreational programs that cater to people of all ages and interests.

In conclusion, Addyston, Ohio is a small and diverse community with a strong sense of community spirit. The village is home to a mix of residents from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry of diversity. With affordable housing options, a focus on education, and a range of community events, Addyston offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for its residents.

Location, weather, and education of Addyston, Ohio

According to COUNTRYAAH, Addyston is a small village located in Hamilton County, Ohio. Situated along the banks of the Ohio River, it has a population of around 900 residents. Despite its small size, Addyston has a rich history and offers a unique blend of rural charm and urban amenities.

The village of Addyston experiences a typical Midwestern climate, characterized by hot summers and cold winters. Summers are usually humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the high 80s Fahrenheit. Winters, on the other hand, are cold and snowy, with temperatures dropping to the mid-20s and occasional sub-zero temperatures. Spring and autumn are mild and pleasant, making them ideal seasons for outdoor activities.

In terms of education, Addyston is served by the Three Rivers Local School District. The district comprises three schools: Taylor High School, Three Rivers Middle School, and Three Rivers Elementary School. These educational institutions provide students with a quality education and a range of extracurricular activities.

Taylor High School, located in Cleves, is the primary high school serving the Addyston community. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes core subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies, as well as elective courses in areas like art, music, and physical education. The school also provides advanced placement (AP) courses, which allow students to earn college credit while in high school.

Three Rivers Middle School caters to students in grades six through eight. It focuses on providing a supportive and challenging learning environment that prepares students for high school. The middle school curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including language arts, math, science, social studies, and physical education. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and sports teams.

For elementary education, Addyston students attend Three Rivers Elementary School. This school offers a strong foundation in academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science. It also emphasizes character development, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. The school incorporates technology into its curriculum, equipping students with essential digital literacy skills.

In addition to the public school system, Addyston also has several private schools and daycare centers. These institutions offer alternative educational options for families seeking specialized programs or a smaller student-to-teacher ratio.

Overall, Addyston, Ohio, is a small village with a close-knit community and a commitment to providing quality education for its residents. The village’s location along the Ohio River provides residents with picturesque views and recreational opportunities. The local schools, part of the Three Rivers Local School District, offer a comprehensive education that prepares students for future success. Whether enjoying the natural beauty of the area or pursuing academic endeavors, Addyston offers a charming and nurturing environment for its residents.