Connoisseurs know it: the Pebble Smartwatch saw 2012 as a Kickstarter project the light of the Earth. Almost 69,000 people support it at the time and so $10 million were taken. A year later, Pebble was then in free sale. By this success, the developers behind AGENT wanted to have apparently something off. The history of fraud?

Let’s start from the beginning: the team behind AGENT launched its own approximately a year after the Crowdfunding campaign of Pebble and proudly presented the AGENT Smartwatch. With her, it should be possible to check the weather on the way, to receive notifications when the forgetting of the phone, or to control the music on the phone. Should, because still nothing happened until today. To the target you continued at that time 100,000 US dollars which were also quickly generated. Mid-June 2013, the result had then: 5.685 people paid about $ 1 million to take part in the Smartwatch revolution. But until now has not yet fulfill this wish.

The team behind AGENT comforted his waiting customers permanently: end of 2013 should start the production of watches. But what came were supposed changes, updates & improvements. Therefore not surprising that supporters in not particularly enjoys let to see in the comments of the project.

The first true update Chris Walker has made in a long time! And he managed to, off so many people piss… Hilarious! -Daniel Chang, supporters

But the best part is actually: an update of the watch was presented today: AGENT 2.0.

We are again pushing the wearables industry forward

Again? How should you drive an industry forward, if one’s not even gets on the series, to publish the first version? Many of the supporters of kontaktier(t)en now kick starter and demanded their money back. Some intend to achieve even a legal dispute with a class action lawsuit. You blame the team behind AGENT fraud.