Already 2 Autonomous Which before Refers to a Apple Watch That Ended 2015

Apple just tell us about the benefits of your Smart Watch, but the device does not on sale until April 24 and it seems responsible for manufacturing, Quanta, is having problems at the time of regularize the rhythms of production it allow to satisfy the huge demand that will probably exist in these first months.

That does not seem to be obstacle to begin the talk about Apple Watch 2, the successor to the current model, which would have a fundamental difference with the first: it would be a device autonomous. The dependence of the iPhone would therefore be eliminated, as well as to jump into some more changes.

Timothy Arcuri, of the consulting firm Cowen & Co, spoke of those problems current Apple Watch production indicating that the Cupertino company You can only build 6 million units until June According to its data. In fact Foxconn is attending Quanta in this task and have ” borrowed you ” 3,000 employees to be able to assume a task that was becoming a problem for that manufacturer.

If what he says is true, Apple is preparing the launch of an Apple Watch 2 before the end of 2015, and in addition to this autonomy and a series of communication tools adapted to this format – we assume that Siri will take special force- you could go with a screen OLED that would be manufactured by Samsung.

A priori it seems difficult to think of Apple to use a fast motion in this segment, but there is a precedent: third generation iPad was withdrawn from the market days after his release for sale: fourth-generation iPad called site. The Cupertino company to repeat move seems unlikely, but is also an important additional questions about that second generation?change the design and will adopt a round format?