Fashion and wearables, do you have a future in common? Will it come to prevail someday the intelligent fabrics? About this talk Elena Corchero in Zinc Shower being held this weekend in Madrid. In his talk, “Intelligent fashion and the internet of things”, will show further experiments of interactive wearables that are developing in your company Lost Values.

From Engadget have been able to talk to her just about present and future of the wearables. In addition, he has explained to us the main difficulties that currently exist with “smart” clothes and think that she is the future of wearable technology. Track: take you not put, but inside.

Wearables or portable?

“Wearables they have always existed, the classic watch is an example”, explains Elena when asked if he believes that the future of the wearables is in fashion. She has experience in the sector, and is that he became research associate at MIT and is all an expert in it comes to wearable technology. His company, Lost Values, has designed interactive or light clothing for the London Olympics, Cardbury or Guiness, among many other brands.

“In reality the wearables are not wearables, they are portable,” says Elena

However, she does not believe that the “wearables” should be called as such, and is that they are not really “wearable”. Or do you “dress” a clock? They are accessories and “are not technologies that you can have on a shirt, wash it…” Actually, and as Elena tells us, between a phone and a watch there is a big difference in technology, except that the second is smaller and this is logical because, with the technological evolution, it tends to “miniaturize” what triumphs.

Fashion and technology, future (and present) common

Then, what about the technological devices really wearable? When asked if she believes will finish becoming fashionable, made me an interesting observation: technology is already used in fashion, and for years: “almost all the materials that are used today, especially in sportswear, are materials made in very specific laboratories, high-tech”. On Engadget you have already spoken once technology materials and disciplines.

“I don’t think that there is a separation between fashion and technology, but that it is an evolution, a step more in technology and fashion in general”

And “connected” garments? This doesn’t mean that, by putting four lights on a t-shirt and a giant screen that receives things, it is all done. In the world of smart clothes and accessories, fashion and technology should go hand in hand because each, by itself, is doomed to failure: “all these technologies, by very necessary to be, if they are not aesthetically wearable, going to be very difficult that people eat them”.

However, as far as intelligent clothing refers, still much more we advance. Instead of batteries, as many might think (here Elena says that there are other methods, such as solar power, which in some cases may be best), but in the own durability of the material: “the difficulty of washing or perspiration: how technology survives the body sweating”. In addition, of course, is the price and is, as she explains, “there are still many barriers to mass production”.

On the arrival of this type of clothing and accessories to the market, dare to make a prediction: “it will most affect female accessories”. His reasoning makes perfect sense in the world: “it is much harder to design accessories for man, more difficult to enter the market. If you see that a product may have a required application but technology is very large, a woman surely does not matter you carry a cool designed collar and large. Men are much more complex. Or man will get to use more accessories”.

The weekend conference will show several examples, which include a “shawl” for a wedding that is connected to the Internet. This is programmed so that, whenever a particular Twitter account receives a mention or get a new follower, it lights up to display the notification. It is just a practical and innovative example of what today can be made by combining fashion and technology.

And the future? Taking the wearables inside

Another very interesting part of my conversation with Elena was when he discussed what would be the evolution of the wearables. It is clear: “I think that many things are going to get to integrate into the body before making wearable”. According to this view, the wearables are a kind of bridge, but some will not even for this phase: We will go to have them within us before.

“I think that many things are going to get to integrate into the body before making wearable”

It may sound to science fiction, but Elena believes that we already have everything you need: “technology has miniaturized enough and materials which does not reject the body are also very well studied. “To that we add the latest advancement of biofuels that are already experiencing in laboratories: the electronics that is activated with glucose, of which there are enough in the body”. Also these types of organic fuels you talked about in the past.

This does not mean that tomorrow we start inserting us screens and little buttons, because There is still much experimentation. And change our body? “If you think about it taboo principal who could have predicted in the past was the taboo of punch through the body but that today is done very easily with the facelift,” explains Elena. We still have to wait a few years, but at the pace at which technology advances, is not too far-fetched prediction.