A new weekend begins, and as always among the many options that you can use to enjoy it is to dedicate some further time to read some of the issues that have highlighted this week in the world of technology and everything that surrounds it. As always, we tell, enjoy reading, We hope that these links will convince you.

  • E3 has become us to believe in this event for hardcore gamers and developers of video games. There we met all the great news and we have been able to prove Hololens, Oculus Rift new or new controls of the Xbox One. Sony also emocionon with the promise of the coming of The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII or – Ovation capital – Shenmue 3, and can that also in this E3 2015 lived the triumph of women in video games. Tremendous.
  • Less than a week that left the Apple Watch comes to Spain, Mexico and some other countries, so we have prepared this reception telling you our first impressions with someone who has already a few weeks using it. Apple smart clock returns to take advantage of pull of accessories that surround him, and as we assumed though watches have profit margin, the straps have further.
  • Users of Android devices they tend to rely on Google Play to find and install new applications, but there are other many stores which also offer that capability and trying to become valid alternatives to the Google proposal. Xataka Android make us a comparison of featured today.
  • A few weeks ago we told you about in the energy self-sufficiency and 2015 could be the year in which to invest in this option for the future. The Government has put many obstacles to this option in a new decree which is apparently favored clearly to the traditional energy, but already the CNMC has been responsible for defending the subsistence and self-sufficiency. We will see in what has just everything.
  • It is the benevolent dictator. Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, has been a fundamental element of the growth and evolution of the GNU/Linux operating system, but not always you can order to lead this project. In a recent interview was asked precisely what would happen if he is missing, and Linus made it clear: Linux is ready for a future without its creator.
  • A few days ago the news that Stephen Elop is leaving Microsoft, knew but in reality It was not the only change in the direction of a company that continues to make important changes under the tutelage of Satya Nadella. At Engadget, we analyzed who is who in the changes from Microsoft.

In English

  • In Many things are going on Twitter. Dick Costolo has resigned as CEO of a company that seems to want to again find a tricky way. Among other changes, in this microblogging service is they will aim to that “news channel” function, and it will try to decide what is news and what not. In Wired they also pondered that future and claimed that Twitter is killing Twitter to save Twitter.
  • The arcade machines they no longer have so much room in our world, and one of the segments in which it shows is in the machines from cars, which contributed a fantastic arcade experience. Now several projects on Kickstarter trying to recover that love by car games ‘traditional’ which leave behind developments as ambitious as Project Cars or Forza 6 focusing more and more on the simulation.
  • Now it be freak was frowned upon, but a few years ago the thing was very different. Until it became Hollywood and he discovered that the friquis of computers had a very attractive side and selling tickets. In Bloomberg make a good review of several of the films that put hackers and crackers in your website and who proved to be a freak can molar. And much.
  • Normally we have to the United States as a benchmark in innovation, but there are other countries that also stand out in this section. In Gizmodo made a singular website which explains why it is often easier to innovate in China that in the United States, something that precisely is making the Asian giant It is also in the technology sector. We have a good example in DJI, the leader in design and manufacture of drones that does not copy anyone.
  • What craze of wanting to kill email. Much criticism has received this venerable means of communication that has become a benchmark and that now various proposals try to relegate to the background since the emergence of the Internet. In FastCo they talk about precisely how electronic mail became the most vilified communications experience in history.

In video

We have been able to have in our hands the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, and these have been our impressions video:

At E3 we have also had the opportunity to enjoy with virtual reality devices that promise to revolutionize the market in the coming year. Here are the videos of Project Morpheus and Oculus rift

And close with the video which I already talked recently and that shows us What would have happened If you had pulled to Tim Berners-Lee World Wide Web project away (literally):