And Pebble Time It Attained: More Than 20 Million Dollars for Funding

Today ran out of time for the Kickstarter’s Pebble Time, the new smartwatch color surprising everyone. A few seconds they managed to overcome the requested funds, and its path was such that looked like they were going to beat all the records. Maybe we weren’t going bad aim: Pebble Time has managed to more than 20 million dollars in its funding on Kickstarter during the month that has been active.

As we said before, today ended with a final figure of $20.338.986, nearly 7 million more for dollars than the Coolest Cooler and twice the first Pebble. In total they have been 78.471 backers, providing a 260 dollars on average each one of them.

Now what Pebble Time is already a reality their terms will begin to be met. In may, they will begin to send the first units for those who have bid on Kickstarter; those who have not done so and want one will have to wait for the company to add it to your online store, something expected not before the summer months.

For the more curious, Pebble people has left milestones achieved on Kickstarter, so check What have been the novelties that have confirmed as he was advancing the project. Including notices in Chinese, new applications or belts, without forgetting the version ‘steel’ for those who want a product more premium.