Is nothing and less for this Google Nexus 5 and with it a new version of Android. We know practically everything on the terminal, but not so much on new developments which will bring the operating system.

Jessica Lessin, who will debut with a publication of technology soon, has managed to gain access to internal documents of Google and on his blog LOCALBUSINESSEXPLORER explains some of Android 4.4 keys. Some of them really interesting.

Android for all and fight for fragmentation

If something you can criticize to Android is its fragmentation as an operating system. Many users can not access the latest update of the operating system. The reason? Two officers who are in charge of lock that they reach us: operators and manufacturers.

While it is true that this already depends not so much on Google, Android 4.4 will not be an update forced by the guys at Mountain View. However, are they are taking care so that this version works well on modest devices.

Already discussed some time about this possibility but Lessin confirms it: Android 4.4 will be optimized to efficiently manage the memory, ieven on devices with only 512 MB of RAM.

All this, of course, not to mention cutting-edge range models. In short: keep working for improve performance Despite having a really compeja system architecture and that many times it is a constraint to improve the user experience.

Android at the wrist and sunglasses

Still missing a good translation for the wearable concept. If we stick to the dictionary, usable could serve but is a word that has other meanings. Either way, we are speaking of the technology that we put.

Smart, glasses, watches Google is working so Android will also work on these devices. A niche that they already opened with the Google Glass but want to bring other manufacturers also.

Taking into account that part of Google business are we, and our data, leading Android in the bracelet would allow us, to them included, know how much you have to walk, where, etc. Is one further possibility, but it seems that they want to be prepared before a trend not yet very well defined.

Google does not give up the NFC-enabled

Some are beginning to believe that the NFC is dead in the mobile communication to mobile phone or even for payment systems. Google wants keep believing in it and Android 4.4 will come with some new features.

We can for example, “emulate,” physical cards to pay for them, earn points or even to access sites that require this object. Virtualize — part of our portfolio in mobile.

A very interesting possibility, but at the moment the adoption of this technology is being fairly slowly because there is no a big deal for everyone to adopt. It will touch us to wait, but that possibility of emulating cards is quite interesting.

The control is in the TV

Google wants to be present on TV, see Chromecast, but its presence goes beyond content. You also want to have control over and that the next version of Android will enable developers to create applications for mobile or tablet as the remote.

They arrive a little late since HTC and Samsung have already worked on it on their own. In addition, manufacturers must introduce infrared sensor on the phone for what we will see is the degree of acceptance.

Innovations beyond what one sees at a glance

It seems that Google wants to make a major change in Android 4.4. Knows that it is important to take care of manufacturers, not just big but to the whole, especially with the growth of economic smartphones.

They know that Nokia is moving tab with Asha and don’t want to miss a market with great potential. See, formally, more information on these topics, but it is clear that Google needs something more to please their partners.

Fragmentation seems to still a problem difficult to solve. It is the price that must be paid for allowing that manufacturers and operators to customize the system to your own liking, they have the last word when updating.

The wait is close to reaching its end. According to the latest rumors today we will have an official announcement from Google. If evleaks was right, the Nexus 5 white (besides black) will go on sale tomorrow. Fingers crossed.