We continue with rounds of rumors, these really interesting, after the announcement of the next 9 day Keynote, it seems that the machinery of Cupertino is picking up speed. Now it is from BGR where announce us as soon as next week we could have the new version of iOS 8, the 8.2.

This version of iOS will be that will come in perfect symbiosis with the Apple Watch, BGR has already successful full other times in what refers to the release of new versions of iOS, but also failed on other occasions. They even talk that there might be a margin of error of one week… This gives us much to think about.

Gives us that think that this version will be which will make possible to synchronize Apple Watch the iPhone and using the Watchkit we can receive information in our Apple Smartwatch. If you launch the coming week, sure that would be a real hit in the middle of the MWC (in which we will be attending and we will keep you informed). If you launch next week, would be even more striking.

We think maybe the Apple Watch could be made available earlier than we think and Apple perhaps we of a coup at the Keynote announcing the availability of the Apple Watch for that week. Perhaps we find that the North American market has Apple Watch the week of March 7 and the rest of the markets have available the last week of March, first of April.

We’ll see how it unfolds to everything in the next few days at Businesscarriers.