A new weekend begins, and as always among the many options that you can use to enjoy it is to dedicate some further time to read some of the issues that have highlighted this week in the world of technology and everything that surrounds it. As always, we tell, enjoy reading, We hope that these links will convince you.

  • The Apple Watch It has already landed in Spain, and how could it be another way have been able to analyze it in detail to tell you our impressions about a device that is had been talking about, literally, years. Apple Watch does well what it promises, but at too high a price, a conclusion that some critics of Apple probably usable for any of its products. We’ll see if future upgrade to watchOS 2 improves its performance as much as it promises the Cupertino firm.
  • We had already made an initial comparison of smartphones for photographic quality, but with the first half of the year met is a good idea to do a recap of this section. We return to liza to the “great sword” of the current mobile phone to see who is the winner of these first months of 2015. Attention, because the iPhone 6 Plus “feels you exhausted by the processing and the resolution of the sensor”.
  • The implementation of the streaming service Apple Music is already a reality–and that they had their dimes and bickering with Taylor Swift – and our fellow Applesfera have conducted a full review of the service itself and to its integration in iTunes 12.2. In Engadget already I have tried also and among the findings, a curious: Apple has a problem with user experience. And he knows it.
  • Use the phone as a GPS Navigator the car is one of the constants among smartphone users. In the case of Android-based devices we tend to “comply” with Google Maps – hearing, works really well-, but maybe you want to try other alternatives. It is what we recommend our fellow Xataka Android, they speak of the 9 best GPS navigators Android.
  • On July 1 came into force the dreaded gag law and the criminal code. Many have heard about it or maybe read on the subject, but to clarify everything to the fullest, we recommend review the topic of Magnet in which they explain what is and how you might affect the gag law.
  • You know that in Weblogs SL, we play a lot of themes, and the economy is one of them. The extreme situation in which Greece is He has made that our colleagues from The Blog Salmón try to reel off the keys to the problem. Greece rolled Brown a few days ago, which caused the analysis of this European failure, the arrival of the dreaded playpen, and implementation of a referendum on which depends the future of Greece and of which we explain all the details. Impossible not to reflect again on an issue that could determine the future of Europe.
  • Already it is less for the launch of Windows 10 -by the way, already showing his versatility in the Raspberry Pi-, and Engadget clarify us that although updates will begin to reach the users as of July 29, they will not all at the same time. Patience, because come, come. And while doing so, the program Windows Insider members can continue to enjoy new preliminary compilations such as the Build 10158, clear.
  • The rumors about Apple products they tend to give a lot of play, and there is no more important product today for them than the iPhone. The renewal of this range of mobile devices is already almost around the corner, and Engadget we wanted to review major rumors that discover some of their potential new features. What to expect from the iPhone 6S according to the rumors?
  • This holiday you have one golden opportunity to pick up the camera and devote part of the time free to enjoy this hobby in all kinds of scenarios. At XatakaFoto recommend us seven destinations perfect for experimenting with urban photography, but be careful because the new European legislation endangers freedom of panorama. The take a picture the Eiffel Tour could become something up to dangerous.
  • If you already have a few safe years enjoying especially everything a great song: in the beginning was conversational adventure talks about the history and evolution of a genre that won millions of users and some surely throw especially less. Times have changed also in the world of video games, but the charm of those titles remains undamaged.
  • Historiaza in Deus Ex Machina on the store of John, a seemingly normal a normal neighborhood local. Nothing especially calls attention until one knows inside what Juan Santos has been doing for years with consoles and video games by Nintendo. Whether you are followers of that console as if not, do not miss it.

In English

  • Is not too common that someone as John Lasseter share your thoughts on the industry of cinema and technology in written format, but this Pixar directors precisely dedicated a full text to the relationship between technology and the evolution of the form of storytelling. A luxury.
  • The services that try to find us the best price for a trip are legion, but there are some that stand out especially on others for certain differentiators. One of the most surprising is Skiplagged, that he manages to find tickets and connections that make saving us lots of money taking advantage of the low occupancy of those journeys. Aktarer Zaman, the developer, has aroused the wrath of the airlines, but they can not hunt him, because in reality it does nothing illegal. Simply take advantage of public data on those flights and their prices to offer a great proposal.
  • In our country there was much of the proposal of the universal basic income, but it is not at all clear if the political party that defends the proposal, we can, it will perform as he proposed it originally, with some modification, or in any manner. The doubts generated by this proposal are enormous, but in the city of Utrecht, in Holland, they are launching it on an experimental basis. Who was Dutch.
  • The automobile industry is at a unique moment, and there are several ideas that try to give a new twist to this vision of the car that we have traditionally. MIT Technology Review offer a view over attempts to treat of reinvigorate that industry from Silicon Valley.
  • We talked recently of what the chain blocks -commonly known by its English name, blockchain – can mean for the future of all kinds of decentralized services, but if there is a protagonist in this segment, that is the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Some believe that this alternative is unsustainable, and Motherboard defend that theory with powerful arguments.
  • It is interesting to reflect on the profiles of the last entrepreneurs of successes on the Internet, and is one of the most representative – especially in this holiday season- Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb. In Fortune, they reflect on the past of this new billionaire and the steps that have led him to head one of the most relevant startups from around the world. Related: may the next Mark Zuckerberg not be who you think, in The New York Times.
  • At Disney, they are preparing the toy of the Decade. Or that is the goal. The family of toys Playmation It has as its goal the convert use them to whom – are basically bracelets and other items that the child gets up – in real action figures fighting against villains imaginaries. First series toys allow any “become” Iron-man, and the thing promises, though not so much for our pockets.
  • Technology showing us television series and the Star Trek films they have served as inspiration for all kinds of technological developments, and in fact some of those futuristic ideas of decades ago in the first seasons are now a reality. Slate wonder whether the technology of Star Trek or not is possible today.

In video

Already have a trailer for the film Steve Jobs:

Here you have, how no, the video analysis of the Apple smartwatch that we have made recently in Engadget

Recently I offered the analysis of the G4 LG, and now we have this reflection but from another point of view: the use it for a month:

Cortana, the voice of Microsoft Assistant, is beginning to show its possibilities in Spanish, and we’ve already interviewed her to know her a little better: