Apple Watch Is Now Available in China… in The Form of Cheap Clones, of Course

The presentation of the Apple Watch last Monday allowed us to learn about this proposal of the Cupertino to position itself as an absolute reference in that increasingly popular segment of smart watches. The device will not reach the market officially until April 24, but in China the counterfeiters already have been advanced to Apple.

In fact it is possible to find different models of manufacturers who do not have any qualms about selling these watches with the same logo and the same name as the Apple device, although one suspects quickly when he sees that the price for many models based on the 40 euros.

Of course at the external level everything seems to be basically identical to watch officer of Apple, and manufacturers have made efforts especially to offer finishes identical to those devices. Even a version that there is also copy to the more expensive Apple Watch Edition and which could even consider expensive for the cannons of the forgeries in China: can get this exclusive model with gold (have to see real quality) by 2958 Yuan, that change is 447 euros.

The expected wave of indiscriminate copies of Apple Watch began at CES in January, and now these counterfeiters are back with force to demonstrate its ability of copying Apple designs. Of course one thing will be outside, more or less accomplished, appearance and other internal hardware and the operating system of these devices, which probably offered with a modified version of Android. You can have some restricted to give time, something that again demonstrate the audacity of some counterfeiters that surely capture to some other unwary… or presumed low budget.