The category of smartwatches pausing to clarify on how face the market, arriving in the stores, the new Apple Watch Series 2. Yes, it is virtually identical on the outside to the original model, but inside has changed enough to think of him as a second generation that focuses on what they do know that it is working in the world of the wearables: the quantification and measurement of our activity.

With more spirit sports than its predecessor due to the inclusion of GPS and water resistance, Apple Watch Series 2 passes through the table and Engadget testing activities. Be able to show us what he is capable and convince us? In Engadget we have already the complete analysis of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple has rectified: from fashion to sports smartwatch clock

If we did a “find the seven differences” between Apple Watch first generation and the new model has just arrived to the market, it is likely that we left blank checking us the X on the two images.

Front of the positioning of the first Apple Watch from the side of fashion, this Watch Series 2 is fully in the promotion as a sports watch by Apple

The exterior of the new Apple Watch is identical to the model of last year, According to the material or color you choose; also we are practically in the same situation in weight and thickness. This means that carry the Apple Watch Series 2 is nothing uncomfortable once you take it on the wrist, taking a few acceptable dimensions even 42 mm version, but is considerably thick. Even very slightly increases in this second generation, leaving as the most striking wide appearance.

With the new Apple Watch Series 2 forgets the distinction between Sport and Classic, but we can still choose different models by size (38 or 42 mm) as well as by material (steel or aluminium). Also becomes a model with ceramic finish which is the exclusive version

With its familiar design and nothing remarkable, Apple is still relying on interchangeable straps as the soul of personalization and touch of distinction of their Apple Watch. Sportsmanship at the level of use that Apple has given to the new version, both silicone belts and nylon are those that better fit. If you already have belts that you used in the previous generation, they are fully compatible.

Battery273 mAh (38 mm) /-mAh (42 mm)

Apple Watch Series 2
Screen AMOLED 1000 nits
Resolution 272 x 340 (38 mm) / 312 x 390 pixels (42 mm)
Protection Glass ion-X (aluminum) and Sapphire (steel)
Operating system WatchOS 3
Compatibility iOS
Processor Apple S2 (dual core)
Internal memory 2 GB (not upgradeable)
Connectivity GPS, BT 4.0, Wifi n, pedometer and heart rate sensor
Water resistance Submersible up to 50 meters
Price From 439 euro

Depending on the model you choose, aluminum or steel, you’ll get a series belt or another. Expand the possibilities of combination is not cheap if you opt for Apple official belts, but that is commonplace in the world of the manufacturer of wearables with its original accessories.

Ready to submerge and be able to swim with him

Change or most significant novelty in the new Apple Watch 2 is the water resistance improved. There is nothing more frustrating for anyone who uses a clock that measures the activity you have to get rid of it when it comes to the pool or even in some models, a simple shower.

The new one Apple Watch Series 2 Launches squarely to compete with other sports watches with GPS (at the level of consumer, still cannot compete with the dedicated) thanks to the possibility of soak it up to 50 meters. This makes it possible to make swimming without a problem, or that in summer we can keep it placed while we are going to the beach or the pool for leisure.

The new Apple Watch Series 2 not only can wet but can swim with it and soak it up to 50 meters without fear. It is a feature that along with the GPS brand their sporting spirit within reach of almost any smartwatch or non-specialist quantifier

The system designed by Apple to get that you can dip your new Apple Watch is when less peculiar. When we indicate to the Apple Watch that we are going to immerse the clock, which should be done by means of the swimming activity in the implementation of training (we can specify whether is in pool or open water), the screen is locked (we can do nothing with it) and can see the symbol of a drop of water in the upper part.

To stop swimming activity, for example, click both the Crown and the side button. To continue with the activity, the same. Once finished the session We must turn the lateral Crown, enough (something that makes swimming mode can not be disabled accidentally), moment in which the water that has been stored in the clock speaker is ejected due to vibration of the diaphragm, to what a couple of beeps are emitted. Logically this action must be done out of the water and not very wet hands once since it will be difficult to scroll through in the capacitive display.

In the event that we want to get to the water without leaving the activity registered, There is a direct access to the specific mode sliding from the bottom on the screen. After pressing the drop, the display is locked and the protected system so that we can immerse us whatever we want. But the ScreenTip that appears and perfectly detects the rotation of the wrist, so although we can not touch the screen to activate it, that we can turn it. To return to the normal state it is enough to turn the Crown and the beep that assures us that the water of the speakers is removed correctly.

Swimming with the Apple Watch Series 2

Measurement function of the swimming activity It has been especially cared for Apple. It is the main argument to make Apple Watch happens to be splash-resistant fully submersible and therefore can be used as Sports Watch in swimming sessions, something that can not be found except in specialized sports watches.

Activities the Apple Watch can record, swimming (pool and open water) are the most manicured and well thought out, and thank you to those who are swimming as one of its major sports

There are two ways to measure the activity of swimming: in pool or open water. If we opt for the first, we can accurately indicate the length of the pool in which we practice, so that the lengths are reported accurately. Also each swimming activity includes the distance, pace, calories consumed and heart rate information. Here Apple also stands out for that possibility of measuring the beats with the clock even under water.

But there is more. Thanks to the accelerometer, Apple Watch Series 2 identifies the swimming style, and he does it quite accurately. When it’s open water swimming, the GPS is responsible for measurements and record our route in the same way as in a race, or when we use the bike train.

A smartwatch finally serving for more than having notifications

Although the new Apple Watch Series 2 does not alter your design at all, it must know that change its physical controls. Is not something only the new watch but something that has really come with watchOS 3.

Ridicule that was using the single button physical (as well as the Crown) for minority uses as before watchOS 3, is now a successful direct access to the applications we have implemented.

Button only once that access to a kind of multi-tasking where applications that we have decided to remain there are updating their information in the background, so it We can access them immediately and finding us there not to wait to have the data to be updated.

The big button on the side that now serves for something useful: access the applications we use most and will be working in the background

We can keep this running in the background up to 10 applications at the same time. If we exceed that number we must Access the corresponding option (my watch–> Dock) on the Watch application on the iPhone and removing any of the current ones. They can also be removed from the own Apple Watch throwing up.

I do not like the daily management of Apple Watch with WatchOS 3 is the glances to disappear. I had left them, but it is also true that, if you have correctly configured and asimilas the new way to cope with the side-mounted button, is a convenient way of doing virtually the same.

The new processor and WatchOS 3 have done ‘the miracle’: an application running on time and acceptable in a Apple Watch form, although it is still not something immediate

The combination of the use of this button for quick access to “background” applications with WatchOS 3 and the best Apple Watch Series 2 processor gives as a result the problem of the origin of the first version, the delay desperate to make an application to run (even the native of Apple), is no longer present. I can not say that in all cases the execution of applications is immediate, but the several seconds that it took a year ago to launch for example Amazon Apple clock is now only a matter.

That improvement of operating speed leverages both in the new Apple Watch Series 2 as the Series 1 model, has renovated its processor with a new dual-core.

This base would be ideal for the growth of Apple Watch as smartwatch. There is a wide range of already functional applications for it, and they are a reality, but we still find that many of them provide really nothing with his presence on the screen of a clock. Interestingly that most are precisely measuring activities.

There are ways that we can consider the new Apple Watch Series 2 as an advanced clock where to take advantage of applications on your own watch and not a mere notifications pilot light screen, which was what actually had finished being the original Watch for many users, but here Apple is in the hands of developers.

The battery, the 16th

Speaking of GPS in a smartwatch is associated with usually a penalty on drums. But we are improving and for now, in this Apple Watch Series 2 not you fear a decrease of the same because watch include her series.

Acceptable autonomy of the first generation after the updates from the operating system, which in my case, a very intensive level notifications was around the two days without any problems, It stays in this Apple Watch Series 2.

With an hour of exercise pulling GPS, Apple Watch Series 2 not criminalized their autonomy regarding whether not to take this connectivity. Except for very specific users, it has two days of autonomy if you dare with this new Watch Series 2

In our first test, we left to run with the new Apple Watch and the model of the previous generation (both updated to 3 WatchOS) and after an hour of activity with the GPS at full capacity, Apple Watch Series 2 battery fell by 10%. Measuring the same activity but using the GPS of the iPhone, the first version of the clock was 9% of spent battery.

Apple Watch Series 2 load time improves, but it is still more than two hours

Our experience, unless you’re a long-distance runner, or use Apple Watch Series 2 for several hours every day bike trips, tells us that We can get with a 35-40% remaining battery if we include one hour of activity with activated GPS. It is the media that we have obtained these days of testing the new Apple Watch Series 2.

The inclusion of GPS also reduces some autonomy maximum to exercising. With the previous model, we get more than 7 hours of exercise measurement until the battery ran out. With this Apple Watch Series 2 figure has been in 5 and a half hours. It is less than the Sport Watches exclusive but very positive for the type of watch that we are talking about.

Also improves this generation of Apple Watch the Wireless charging. Long cable and magnetic induction system continues to be a nuisance for comfortable load if you don’t have a good charging cradle. But at least the time for a full charge has been reduced somewhat.

In our tests, from 3% of battery, we get the full load in two hours, that translates into almost one hour less than the first model. In any case seems to us a very high figure for a device which not everyone leaves at night charging.

Go to workout without over phone

It is worth to opt Apple Watch Series 2 instead of the 1 Series which has improved the processor and also receives WatchOS 3? It all depends on the essential that is for you to be able to go to exercise without the smartphone over. It is the advantage that has the new Apple Watch with respect to the previous generation, and something that was already customary in the ecosystem Android Wear.

The inclusion of GPS on the smartwatch allows that the activities we want to register do not depend on as usual mobile phone. The implementation is very successful and transparent to the user. Situations in which we have tested the Apple Watch Series 2 without the phone connected, the detection of satellite to use the GPS has been immediate. It is a variable of the equation that we can forget completely.

Apple Watch Series 2 screen looks much better outdoors thanks to a very high brightness: 1000 nits

If we complement with the already existing possibility of music stored on the clock and the connection of headphones wireless, Apple Watch Series 2 has achieved a good positioning as a sports watch.

With respect to music, not all are good news. Apple Watch is usable for this smartphone’s through if you have Apple Music or music purchased on iTunes.

Brighter screen

Unchanged or technology panel (it is still AMOLED) or size or resolution, the screen of the Apple Watch Series 2 has taken an important step forward in quality. The reason is none other than a Double brightness in the previous generation.

The original Apple Watch screen looked so great indoors, but outdoors suffered. With a brighter screen, Apple reinforces this element now that we will want to see you more often outdoors by functioning as smartwatch but also as a sports watch.

If you’re not going to take advantage of the GPS to exercise without a smartphone and don’t immerse the watch, Watch Series 1 keep the smartwatch successful functions and costs 100 euros less

An element that remains intact from the first generation of Apple Watch (now Series 1, if you want search since it is $ 100 cheaper) is heart rate sensor.

Located at the bottom, it gives values adjusted to reality, but as with the vast majority of heart rate monitors wrist by light, when we do intense exercise which combines sweat on the skin or enough vibrations, measurement fails. Or rather lets take measurements.

It is recommended wear the watch tighter to the wrist when we carry out activities that go beyond a walk, But even in such cases works when for example we are doing a downhill bike to high speed and vibrations, or we run at strong pace.

In the Centre, the version of the new Apple Watch coming out in a few weeks in collaboration with Nike

In sports the new Apple Watch 2 function has an important role the application of exercise. With it we will access the measuring and recording of different activities like biking, running, walking, walk on tape, run on tape, stationary bike, elliptical, rowing and Stepper and the new swim in pool or open water. In all these activities we can tell the aim of the exercise, that it may be time, a specific number of calories consumed, distance or directly free.

If the exercise that we will perform is not included in the main and for which there is direct access, we can opt for basket of others, where we can put those who want. When just one of those sessions we are given the opportunity to assign an activity or specific sport, curling to fishing. Yes, as you read.

The application of the new Apple Watch activity has improved considerably but is behind sports watches and other cheaper activity meters. But Apple Watch 2 clearly wins the others for its balance and versatility in everything you do

Although Apple has substantially improved measurement of activities thanks to the GPS function, mainly in the inclusion of the route in a map or accuracy of the distance travelled in racing or bike, still I find it several steps by back not only of watches dedicated but also classics of the measurements, as Fitbit.

I echo much of less automatic detection of an activity and why not, that of dream. There both the own Fitbit and sports brands have worked on providing the best information and the most usable for anyone who uses the clock as an essential element to understand how trains in different activities.

Apple has included among the sports to measure up to Curling, but however the information giving exercise is very basic to what we expect of a sports watch. And the information is there thanks to the Apple Watch sensors

That Apple wants to measure exercise we do but opting for his “philosophy” do it simple for the user is perfectly reflected in the information that we can analyse after each exercise. Apple “process” information as it does with photos on an iPhone, and despite having the specific data of our activity, for example There is a detailed transfer of keystrokes and areas in which we work when we run. Everything stays in calories consumed, distance, cumulative (there is no altimeter, eye), time spent, pace medium and per kilometre, as well as average heart rate. None of the evolution of this.

With the GPS we can have a detailed map of the route taken and even weather and meteorological data the day of the train. But it is information that only available on the iPhone and that in addition (and logically) relies on maps of Apple. If other applications you were accustomed to different legends of colors to the rhythm of your careers, on the map which takes Apple comes also collected.

If we want to go further, as with the manual controls of the photos on the iPhone, Apple let this facet in the hands of third-party applications.

Something as simple as a graphic of the evolution of keystrokes during an exercise would raise the level of the Apple Watch Series 2 as a sports watch

Said what we like least, must be given a good pat on the back to Apple and Congratulations Apple Watch haptic motor. Not only it is very comfortable to know with much discretion and hassle notifications, but that when we are doing exercise is a motivation and valuable information that receives a broker when it reaches certain milestones in their exercise, such as every kilometre that runs.

New Apple Watch Series 2: opinion and Engadget note

It is clear that the smartwatch and the wearables market in general is not being what they thought the leading manufacturers. Samsung does not stop spinning on your Gear model to try to hit. And now Apple does the same with his Watch Series 2.

Despite endowing it with GPS and can swim with it, Apple has not worked at the level of software to attract real sportsmen. And it has a possibility of doing so at last

May seem the same, but all the focus as an object of fashion and something personal that Apple put on the promotion of the first generation is gone and now Apple Watch seeks to be a smartwatch with might as a sports watch. In its own way.

To achieve this it has reinforced in just what I needed: Built-in GPS to not rely on the phone When it comes to collect the maximum information possible of our exercise, and resistance to water of truth. Can submerge up to 50 meters gives value extra even more than to measure an exercise such as swimming. It does not have to take it more than to load it. Too bad that information and value that the athlete user brings is so poor for all potential hardware.

Otherwise, Apple finally offers a performance in line with expectations, acceptable battery but nothing to highlight, and a broad but still little substantial ecosystem.

In favour

  • You can not already wet it, now do swimming is possible
  • The improvement of the overall speed of everything that we do with clock
  • Very bright and accurate touch screen
  • Physical controls that are finally used to something useful
  • Have path information without relying on the GPS mobile phone


  • Just autonomy and very long Wireless charging
  • Quite thick and straps to give personality-dependent
  • Little usable third-party ecosystem still
  • Limited valuable information after a workout

The clock has been granted to the test by Apple. You can consult our policy of relations with companies


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