It might annoy some, if the screen on your Smartwatch directly to the reading with invites. There’s an app to support of course.

A very useful and promising idea for all Smartwatch users is the app “screen saver”. When you load the app from the store of the play, you can then use setting to activate the screensaver. The app will then simply with the words “OK Google…” Start screen saver” activated and can then also be activated for recharging. Support it should the user on one when the battery power, because it is protected by enabling. On the other hand messages not immediately appear on the screen, so that not everything can be read. The same is true of course at night to sleep undisturbed.

Total users on average received 3.1 stars for the free app. Point made here is that the application in some Smartwatches not runs. Who free has just 4 megabytes of memory and a Smartwatch has with Android, 4.1 or higher can definitely once look at the app and they check themselves on the heart and kidneys.