Improved manufacture caliber

Breitling has revised its movement and is celebrating the technical progress with the 100 limited edition Superocean Héritage Chronoworks in the Matt ceramic housing with 46 mm diameter. Breitling’s new department Chronoworks has found innovative solutions to improve the performance of the Chronographenwerks. For example, the PCB and the wheels consist of factory bridges made of ceramic boron. This allowed the wheels to turn directly into the bridges without lubrication and bearing stones. The wheels themselves were made of silicon in the precise DRIE process, the light material helps to save a lot of energy, because by inhibiting the wheels are constantly decelerated and accelerated. Also wheel and anchors are now made of light silicon the anchor pallets from Rubin could be removed, the geometry was refined. So the technicians achieved that the inhibition consumes 42 percent less energy.

The fine regulation has also been changed, it is now rückerlos by gold weights on the balance. In addition, as with a Bimetallunruh, the regulating body changes the moment of inertia at an increasing temperature. The vertical clutch also revised Breitling: The elastic toothing adapts to the opposite teeth. This way no energy loss is to be created, no matter if the chronograph is running or not. These measures allowed the installation of a thinner spring, which could therefore be longer at the same spring house size. Thus, the automatic caliber Breitling 01 now reaches 100 instead of before 70 hours of speed autonomy. The work can be viewed through the glass floor. The Superocean Héritage Chronoworks is presented on the Baselworld 2016; Your price is 37,295 euro. jk

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