A new weekend begins, and as always among the many options that you can use to enjoy it is to dedicate some further time to read some of the issues that have highlighted this week in the world of technology and everything that surrounds it. As always, we tell, enjoy reading, We hope that these links will convince you.

  • Recently that WhatsApp has joined other messaging in that bet services by the VoIP calls -they begin to arrive also in iOS-, and its popularity has sparked a logical consequence: its regulation. The Minister of industry has already done a request in this regard and now the EU wants to also establish under what terms this and other services such as Skype can compete with conventional operators.
  • The agreement between Movistar and Canal + It had been closed for months, but negotiations with the CNMC have delayed the necessary blessing of this organism to that acquisition. Finally the conditions have occurred and the purchase has been authorized, something that opens a new chapter in the history of Canal + in our country.
  • Xataka Android partners have they been advanced the launch of some terminals that we know everything and have compared the current batch of high-end devices, including the newly presented in Japan Sony Xperia Z4 and even by LG G4. There are proposals for everyone, but it seems that Samsung has achieved with its Galaxy S6/edge become absolute reference.
  • We have been particularly active week in the discussion on mobile platforms. Xataka Android did a review of the 11 Android-based ROMs more interesting today, while in Engadget we were debating – with video included – over a thorny issue: what alternative platforms iOS and Android are possibilities for the future?
  • Yesterday began to sell Apple Watch with different peculiarities. For the first time in a long time a release of this caliber does not generate queues in stores Apple Store – something that wanted to avoid by the way from Apple – and the Cupertino company don’t want competition: withdrawing applications from its App Store by mention to the Pebble, whose clocks, by the way, are selling better than never thanks – ironically – the launch of smart Apple clock.
  • Other links that we highlight of other publishing channels: the first, which since the Sony space talks about 11 instant messaging applications that try to gain share in a segment dominated by WhatsApp (at least in our country). Also interesting are the tips that lead us to turn our TV on a versatile Media Center to enjoy our multimedia contents from AnexoM. Finally, a song for the nostalgic: collectors of consoles and videogames are still showing the impressive thing about this world that tries to retrieve all those magical feelings of those computers and consoles that we conquered decades ago.
  • From latent trait are posed a singular question: who do we laugh when we laugh of the Scientific ignorance?. As a result of a survey whose data were priori worrying, and that once analyzed give relevant conclusions on the Studio that recently published the Spanish Foundation for science and technology.

In English

  • It is one of the latest trends: our physical activity monitor It has become the main attraction of a whole series of solutions hardware and software that have driven the wearables industry. That record of heart rate, calories or steps is curious, but are application-oriented healthy living really good for our health? It is what you are asking in The Guardian.
  • This week was held the day of the book, and Nautilus found a closely related issue that appreciated those differences between the digital reading experience and the more traditional reading in printed book. The important thing, tell us from this analysis, is that both can be complementary. They should be, add us.
  • The integration of software in all kinds of devices and machines is making implications on issues as the property of these solutions is debated. Car manufacturers like General Motors and as John Deere tractors – Yes, these machines are much more computer of what you believe – have it clear: da same to you to pay for their vehicles, because in the end they are still yours. The key, how not, is in the software.
  • In The Atlantic they retrieve a report of no less than March, 1979 to remind us what was thought then someone starting to become legend. “The man who made Star Wars” is a Portrait of a George Lucas that at that time only had premiered an episode of a series that this year will see the seventh delivery. By the way, the trailer is already the most-watched in YouTube history.
  • It’s that the manufacturers of Mobile based on Android placed us layers of personalization with one blow software of all kinds is not the taste of many users, who prefer to try to get pure Android experience (Stock Android, who say the Saxons). But be careful, because not to be pure, they are perfect, something discussed in a detailed analysis of Android 5.0 Lollipop makers of Android Police.
  • And to close these readings in English, a more eschatological: Vice talked to throughout the history of mankind how people have used their fists, feet, knees, heads or teeth to fight, so it’s not so strange to discover that our “caca” have also been an object used in all kinds of clashes. Gross!

Missing videos

As part of that debate that alluded previously on the alternatives to iOS and Android mobile platforms We present here the video that Antonio Ortiz and a server perform commenting on the current state of these proposals:

Not to mention the analysis of Dell XPS 13, the team that finally offers a clear alternative to the MacBook Air and that has everything you need to continue betting for Windows by a Ultrabook which is close to perfection.

Do you know why on YouTube the number 301 is used How to counter initial in the videos in the first minutes of his “life” in this service? They explain from Mental Floss:

John Oliver spoke this week of a controversial: patents, and he did it with his usual style.