a2000: chronometer with peripheral lift

The peripheral lift is a feast for the Watch lover. Technically, however, it is a challenge that Carl F. Bucher is successful in. Now the automatic caliber a2000 presents a second factory. The simple Manero peripheral does not suggest that the interior of its 40.6 millimeter-sized housing works in a manufacturing plant that has been developed in several years of development work.

The viewer probably only discovers the circumferential flywheel mass through the sapphire crystal floor at second glance. Carl F. Bucher has brought this Aufzusgprinzip with the automatic plant a1000 as the first manufactory to series production. The new a2000 complements the Baselworld 2016 the caliber family and is distinguished in important details. Thus, the frequency has been increased to four Hertz, which will benefit the accuracy of the gait. Each a2000 is delivered as a chronometer and has only one rocker for the change of direction. The more elaborate decoration of the a1000 differs from an embellishment with Geneva stripes at the a2000. In fine regulation, the watchmakers rely on a completely free-breathing spiral, which is not changed in their effective length. The gear of the watch is adjusted exclusively via so-called rotatable Masselottes. It costs 6,000 euro in stainless steel with alligator, 6,400 euro in stainless steel with stainless bracelet and 15,600 euro in gold with alligator. tw

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