It seemed that 2016 would be the year of the definitive consecration of smart watches, But what we have done is to attend a unique sales fall and a worrying lack of news in the field of Android Wear based devices.

Apple has revamped its smart watch, but that has not prevented that the role of the smartwatches is more than debatable after all this time in the market. The rise and fall of Pebble could be unequivocal symptom that give a smart watch may not be a good idea.

Sales fall to lead

The wearables segment has been during recent months a good shelter for manufacturers trying to sell “the next big thing”, but the truth is that in the majority of cases we found solutions that have failed to meet expectations, and If there are protagonists in this deception, those are for many smart watches.

Quo Vadis, smartwatch?

Personally I am a user of one of these devices and I’m not at all unhappy (yet) with my purchase, but I admit that probably false expectations were created and today we are witnessing a lack of mimo for part manufacturers and especially those who based their proposals on Android Wear.

This year we have seen very few innovations in this field, and in fact the Samsung S3 Gear based Tizen and Apple Watch second-generation they have been the little salvageable for many analysts who saw Android Wear as device manufacturers were putting covered before the downpour.

No platform wins, none convinces (all)

Even Xiaomi went from this platform with its Amazfit, and sales have made it clear that today Apple Watch is the only notable reference in smart watches, but still does not even much to do against the great quantification, Fitbit and Xiaomi.

Smart Watches market is therefore faced its most difficult time. Until Apple has had to iterate towards the quantification of personal to give a purpose to these devices, while in Google news they promise in 2017 While none of them look like that it can significantly boost the market.

They are too many unknowns, and the own IDC revealed in its latest report (with a Pebble which had not yet pulled the towel) that “what is obvious is that currently smart watches are not for everyone”. IDC consultant did you say gently, because criticism of the market seem to point more to that Smart Watches “are not for nobody”.

Who will save the smartwatch?

The debacle at Pebble It has left us a little touched everyone. The manufacturer who invented his particular disruption “to the Apple” and created a market segment of nothing has finished middleman, selling off is to Fitbit, which apparently will not take a Pebble device in the future.

If you have used a smart watch, you will be with me in that these devices have its charm and its purpose. They make life a little more comfortable and avoid removing both the Mobile Pocket, but it is clear that that is not enough for many. The limitations with the battery – just Pebble solventaba, but neither that has saved it to her – and lack of autonomy they are probably the major unfinished business in other platforms.

The fundamental problem of the intelligent clock is that does not solve any problem. Not at least one pressing, because all we can do with the clock could do better (in almost all paragraphs) with the phone, which also costs out of Pocket.

Maybe the answer is in a device that not obliged us to take the phone everywhere, but that already exists and for now does not seem that this autonomy further caused a particularly striking demand. Perhaps simply the smart clock does not have salvation.

Perhaps simply are you ahead too much of his time and manufacturers tried it too soon. Wouldn’t be the first time, but be careful, because it is not all said. At the moment, that if, It does not seem an especially recommended Christmas gift on a practical level. But of course, how many Christmas gifts you are?